The man stole the bike was killed in gunny wire tied deep tan stone dead – Beijing, Nanfang Daily News (reporter Bi Shiming correspondent Chen Bin Du Yanping Zhang Yong) recently, Shixing County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade in Foshan City Public Security Bureau, the South China Sea Branch of the strong support and assistance, success will be suspected of intentional injury death case Lai Mouxiong success arrested so far in 2013 5 heavy fishing pearl Tan case all the main suspects in custody, the case can be solved. The victim disappeared mysteriously in August 22, 2013, Shixing County Siqian Town residents have Mouchun said: his brother Zengmou dragon has been missing for more than a month, please survey the public security organs. In August, Shixing County Public Security Bureau after investigation, July 2013, a man in East Lake Shixing County town of Taiping Road (Ping suspected Ceng Moulong) was beaten. In this case the Bureau visited the site survey and investigation work, and the establishment of suspected homicide cases leading group, but after careful investigation, Zengmou dragon has been without hearing a word about. In March 2015, Shixing County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade robbery in the investigation of a master to have to borrow money to run away the jurisdiction of mouming offenders "clues. The brigade was informed of the clues to analyze, organize the judgments, clues and evidence points to the once mouming Zengmou dragon disappearance have some relevance. In order to avoid the "run away", which had mouming brigade quickly into the control, and the trial immediately. "By people appearing" case emerged for this case is fuzzy, the police investigation according to the ideas from people appearing ", actively from the suspect Ceng Mouming start to dig the clues, and gradually mastered the more information the victim Ceng Moulong, the case gradually clear, lay the foundation for further investigation and accurate qualitative case. Mouming was arrested after the brigade immediately pay close attention to the other people involved with the arrest and efforts, the suspect Ceng Mougan, Ceng Moujie, Ceng Moufeng in March 2015 after appearing in court, and after the incident, Lai Mouxiong has been in hiding in the Pearl River Delta area. Is the person arrested, several project staff from Guangzhou, Foshan and other places, but Lai Mouxiong failed the first time. The investigators did not give up, always keep the pressure on Lai Mouxiong rounded up situation. In October 12th, the ad hoc police was informed that Mouxiong Lai in Foshan activity information, the brigade again informed of the news organization capable police force to apprehend suspects to Foshan, on the same day, the ad hoc police in Foshan City Public Security Bureau, the South China Sea Branch of the strong support and assistance successfully captured Mouxiong Lai, bringing the case the main suspects. Comprehensive case clear arrested while tackling the incident from more than a year, the suspects have entered into offensive and defensive alliance, but after the trial, the evidence and psychological policy, the ad hoc police gradually break the suspect’s psychological defense, break the suspect’s offensive and defensive alliance, to identify the case of the sequence of events makes the case gradually clear. After investigation, the evening of July 28, 2013, Zengmou dragon for bicycle theft was once mouming et al beaten, and asked the Dragon Zengmou to call relatives and friends to raise ransom 2000 yuan, because Zengmou dragon’s relatives and friends did not take money to redeem people, once again to Ceng Xianglong mouming et al.相关的主题文章: