Man riding electric car flying woman was arrested, saying that because of a bad mood, you refuse! The shopping public Liu lucky fans, Mr. Chen, Mr. Zhou cybersports players, after being sent a car beam Mr. Lee to enthusiastic people for the old couple to the way down a few days ago, Mr. Lee also told the small Lolita Amway yourself: "say you may not believe, this movie my speech." Small Lolita: who do you cheat, the fat paper! Do not deceive you, brother do not know what experience following the dragon, even have a face Meng B kylin cining Palace: don’t say it was really like tempura imitation, but the degree of simulation, brother serving only friend’s toys: some people said to lie, is really. Recently, Ningxia Yinchuan woman Li Juan in the evening stroll Street 3 approached the man, 4 people to a KTV singing and drinking until 2 a.m.. During a total of 200 yuan, after the man took out $150 to leave, Li Juan dissatisfaction, so the police said he was raped, want to take revenge on this 3…… Since then, the police reported to Li Juan false police conduct a severe criticism. Good simple, not artificial, really like those sexy bitch is outside, in order to even 50 of their reputation is not enough, but also fight. I feel like a chat is not a treat with my understanding of the conversation is not the same ah… This should be called ". None of the three men offered to pay the girl 50 dollars…… I seem to understand what. Do not blame brother did not remind you, not only in real life can not speak, even if the Internet is not blind to speak! Your every word in the circle of friends, micro-blog, after all can become evidence in court! The day before, the supreme law, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued regulations, clear the web, blog, micro-blog, SkyDrive, Post Bar, circle of friends and other network platform to release the information to the electronic data, the court and the procuratorate and the public security organs have the right to the relevant units and individuals to collect, transfer of electronic data in accordance with the law. You will wait for me, brother first to delete a self timer back, afraid of other people tell me fraud! Silently ask again, the circle of friends purchasing false advertising should be responsible for not? Micro-blog bragging wealth need to bear responsibility? Regardless of the reality or network, the meaning of freedom of speech is that everyone should be responsible for their own words and deeds. 13, Chongqing Ms. Ni make jokes on others by the neighbors heard Mr. luo. Mr. Luo believes that Ms. Ni is cursing her family, immediately rushed out the door at the other. Ms. Ni provocation "has the ability to hit me," Mr. Luo will be fit to face, ears and wounded ms.. Mr. Luo was arrested for assault 5 days. This requirement is not high, to help you. This is the real master. Ah, but brother still advise you in a calm mood, less Dazui guns, make it a wounded, a prison, The loss outweighs the gain.. Is the old driver ah, no time to explain, who first help brother stopped the car "God" car: omg… The car ah, look at the whole body, open air wooden chairs, no dead console, are split into this, but not willing to remove the surround sound system, here should Music: "the boundless horizon is……". Because you want to check the performance of the original God car, a mechanic to drive the truck on the highway ditty. The car was god! Police Milo said for 20 years, so low car still dare to go?相关的主题文章: