Macao Panda "happy" when the father after the first birthday – Beijing Xinhua news agency in Macao on 24 August, (reporter Wang Chenxi) 24, central Australia donated giant panda Kai Kai’s 8 birthday, it is also in June 26th of this year to "upgrade" when the first birthday after dad. Macao’s Civil Affairs Department said, "open" "happy" and their twin babies are healthy. 24 PM, the Macao panda hall specifically for the opening of the birthday party, invited the Macao more than and 40 children and parents to celebrate. They put the "open" birthday cards on the wall, and sing a birthday song wish "open" healthy. The breeder specially for it to produce juice ice high fiber biscuit and cake, "happy" to eat with relish. Visiting children in addition to celebrate the birthday of panda dad, but also through the glass to see the panda twins baby. According to the breeder, the two brothers have exceeded weight 2000 grams, rotund, bushy, growing well. Since June 26th, the central gift of the Australian giant panda heart produced twins, Macao people are very concerned about the situation of the giant panda parents and cubs. A week ago, Macao had just held a "giant panda baby names together to" activities, as the twins sign, activity at the end of August deadline.相关的主题文章: