Luohe silver pigeon was "selling"   the reform of state-owned enterprises should dare to do "subtraction" — Henan branch network — Cheng Zhaohua have a light body, easy to make a leap of action. Recently, Henan Energy Chemical Group intends to transfer of foreign Luohe Yinge Industrial Group Co., Ltd. 100% stake, led the market’s attention. One side is Henan’s largest state-owned enterprise, and the other is China’s straw pulp first stock". This transfer, not only means the change of the actual controller Yinge possible, is a large state-owned enterprises in our province for the first time to sell its listed companies "". As Henan to the non coal industry, has been regarded as Henan yin’ge marriage can a perfect diversification industry on the road. However, 5 years, not only in Henan can always difficult to get out into the same loss predicament, Yinge is difficult to profit cycle. Look, is the fundamental reason Yinge sale is because the double loss to Henan to bring the huge pressure. But from the background of the reform of state-owned enterprises, it can be interpreted as Henan can clear inefficient inefficient assets of a move. It is true that the ultimate goal of the reform of state-owned enterprises is to make state-owned enterprises excellent, bigger and stronger. However, under the current situation, it is far from enough to rely solely on mergers and acquisitions to enhance the overall function and operational efficiency of state-owned capital. How to effectively strip for reform useless burden, solve the problems left by history, as a shortcut to the light. In a sense, Henan many SOEs are wearing cotton trousers "running in the market embarrassment. In view of the status of state-owned enterprises and the "physique", on the one hand, it bears the heavy responsibility of local economy, society and even enterprises, and needs to bear social responsibility. On the other hand, the desire for large and complete, so that many state-owned enterprises continue to expand non main chain business, leading to bloated enterprises, deficit addition, it is difficult to stop the decline. For the downsizing of state-owned enterprises, the government has done a lot of homework. At the beginning of September, the Henan provincial government 8 bursts of text, to promote the coal overcapacity in the steel industry to clean up, only the coal industry, involving the closure of 89 coal mines, 22 million 150 thousand tons of production capacity to resolve. And a month ago, our province also began to rapidly promote the state-owned enterprises to peel off the "three for one" reform pace, the overall stripping of state-owned enterprises to run social functions, to reduce burdens for state-owned enterprises. But you can see that these movements are more of an external force. For many state-owned enterprises in the reform, many concerns, should not reduce assets, dare to go fat, there are still many state-owned enterprises can not make up their minds. Therefore, as the largest state-owned enterprise in Henan, Henan can take the lead in the reform of the market downsizing, obviously for other large state-owned enterprises, has a positive exemplary role. In fact, the loss of Henan Yinge relative volume, only a drop in the bucket. But according to the need to do "subtraction", take off the cotton padded jacket to race attitude, obviously shows that today’s state-owned enterprise reform path has become clear. After all, taking advantage of illness will cure the disease together, far better than headache medical first aid, and this is the essence of state-owned enterprise reform. (Wang Pei, Yang Tianzi: commissioning editor) 漯河银鸽遭“抛售” 国企改革要敢于做“减法”–河南分网–人民网   □程昭华   拥有轻盈的身体,更容易做出跨越性的动作。   近日,河南能源化工集团拟对外转让漯河银鸽实业集团有限公司100%股权的事,引发了市场的关注。一边是河南最大国有企业,一边是中国“草浆造纸第一股”。此次转让,不只意味着银鸽实际控制人可能出现的变化,更是我省大型国企首次对旗下上市公司的“抛售”。   作为河南能化非煤产业,银鸽曾被人看成是河南能化多元化产业道路上的一次完美联姻。然而5年时间,不仅河南能化始终难以走出亏损困局,银鸽同样陷入难以盈利的怪圈。   看起来,银鸽被“甩卖”的根本原因是因为双亏给河南能化带来的巨大压力。但从国企改革的大背景看,则可解读为河南能化清理低效无效资产的一次举动。诚然,国企改革的最终目标,在于将国有企业做优、做大、做强。但在当前形势下,仅依靠兼并重组、提升国有资本整体功能和运作效率的“加法”已远远不够。如何有效剥离对于改革无用的负担,解决历史遗留问题,成为其轻装上阵的一条捷径。   某种意义上,河南不少国企都有穿着“棉裤棉衣”在市场上奔跑的尴尬。鉴于国企的身份与“体格”,一方面其承担着地方经济、社会乃至企业脱困的重任,需要背负社会责任。另一方面,本身对于大而全的渴求,使不少国企不断扩展非主营链条业务,导致企业臃肿,亏亏相加,难止跌势。   对于国企瘦身,政府已做了许多功课。9月初,河南省政府连发8文,推进煤炭钢铁行业的过剩产能清理,仅煤炭行业,就涉及关闭煤矿89座,化解产能2215万吨。而在一个月前,我省也开始快速推进国有企业剥离“三供一业”的改革步伐,全面剥离国有企业办社会职能,为国有企业减负。但可以看到,这些动作,更多是一种外力的助推。对于处于改革中的很多国企来说,多方面的顾虑,该不该减资产,敢不敢去赘肉,至今仍有很多国企拿不定主意。   也正因此,作为河南最大的国有企业,河南能化在改革大盘中的率先瘦身,显然对于其他大型国有企业,有着积极的示范作用。事实上,银鸽的亏损相对河南能化的体量,仅仅九牛一毛。但根据需要做“减法”,脱去棉衣去赛跑的态度,显然说明了如今国企改革路径已渐明晰。毕竟趁着生病将顽疾一起治疗,远好过头疼医疼的急救,而这也是国企改革的精髓所在。 (责编:王佩、杨甜子)相关的主题文章: