LPL all star vote has opened UZI this vote a little scary! After the end of the S6 finals, a global competition is the all star game, of course, the all star game entertainment than against nature, but also want to send in the fist all star entertainment to further enhance the interaction between LOL and game player, so all the players in the all star game, game player will have global vote. The voting channel each division has a corresponding. But just now, voting channel LPL Division has been fully opened! Professionals from around the world will gather in Barcelona, Spain for the 2016 all star game. Which one occupation players qualified won the "All Star" title, everything depends on you. In November 1st 14:00 to November 8th 14:00, league game reach level 20 game player, you can throw to vote so we will see what the players selected LPL division? On the list, EDG mouse currently in first name. Fight wild, the director of the dispute to get the first one, it is estimated that this momentum will be maintained until the end. In the list, the highest is from the GT repuubliC team, but the personal feeling of God is the first final wei. Auxiliary, this position is really meiko and Mata competition is relatively large. ADC, UZI, it’s a little scary. According to the rules, the same team shall not exceed two competitors. If the same team has more than two players were offered a reward, then only after the weight of the highest number of votes will be invited to the top two players. In addition we look at the Faker votes. Looks like Faker’s popularity in China is really high, so what do you vote for?相关的主题文章: