"Love" is not the post office dog abuse Edition Poster thirty years Tencent handling food attention to entertainment news today, written by Zheng Zhen, director, Li Zhizheng, Cheng Yuanyuan, Zhao Yuanyuan, Li Jinrong, Ding Yujia, Cui et al, filmed in Zhuhai and Macao in the romantic movie "love" post exposure day Special Edition "dog abuse" poster. The poster in the sun, added some notes, with wings of love and other cartoon hand-painted elements is very small fresh, is the day the child dog in a stream of debris flow ". CP poster show loving attention to handling dog food thirty years CP poster, wearing a wedding dress Cheng Yuanyuan, his hands folded on his arms in the hands of Li Zhizheng, one of two people to accompany each other and support each other’s feeling. The head of the devil horns and crown, and with love, for the wedding to add lovely, romantic atmosphere. In the play, Tang Xiaoyu has been accompanied by Mo Ting, two people understand each other, take care of, more and more tacit understanding, feelings are constantly warming. People can not help but guess the outcome of the two men would like the poster, the audience full of food handling. Zhao Yuanyuan is a face to rely on Li Jinrong’s body, showing the trust and dependence on the Li Jinrong. As the relationship between the two plays, has been accompanied by brother Zhao Yuanyuan, the guardian of the sister, is a witness to the change of the British sister, the poster Li Jinrong watching the eyes of the full of love. Zhao Yuanyuan’s head of small leaves, whether in the care of Li Jinrong out of the flowers? The elder sister elder brother and whether will be accompanied by Rong elder brother, two people together to spend the rest of their lives? Everything can only find the answer from the film. Single poster is not alone believe that love will eventually come to Ding Yujia in the play is full of vitality, the youth of the bar singer Xing Xing, found himself like the British sister, dare to speak loudly. He held the poster says "please love small animal" brand, broken love dog and herald a bold confession he eventually could not escape the fate of a single dog? Director Zheng Zhen poster with the sun, the stars glow and implies that the flow in the hearts of love notes, full of intellectual beauty. "Love" is the post office a close relationship between the narrator and the film, real life people who more or less will have the character in the movie the shadow, director Zheng Zhen also hope to convey a belief believe in love through this film. Everyone has the heart of love, this is the best thing in the world. Perhaps the reality will make it unrecognizable, but we will certainly find a place to register and placed the unspeakable beauty or regret. It is reported that the movie love post office is expected to meet with the audience next year. The film from Beijing yuan’s Television Cultural Development Co., Ltd. produced, Meggie Zhuhai Film Company Limited, Shenzhen Monternet holding development huao Cultural Exchange Center Co. Ltd., (Macao) Co. Ltd., Sanya Haitian horizon Media Co. Ltd. and Beijing youth film studio, Beijing Ying Genesis culture media Co., Ltd. jointly produced. (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章: