London discovered bones of ancient Rome period as Chinese – in London to explore bones of ancient Rome period as Chinese or will rewrite the history of civilization between the East and West London newspaper reporter Lin Weiguang as everyone knows, between the ancient Rome Empire and China through the Silk Road maintained a close trade relationship. However, the two ancient civilizations located at both ends of the Eurasian continent, the exchange from the time when the size of how much, there is no historical record of this, people have been struggling to find the answer. Recently, a British archaeological team announced that they found two more likely Chinese bones in a London cemetery in ancient Rome. This brings us new clues to the mystery of our history. British archaeologists say, this cemetery between about AD second Century to fourth Century at that time, the ancient Rome empire was established in London, and the city named Aaron bottom Niumu (Londonium). Found two Chinese bones in this cemetery, means that at that time between ancient Rome and Chinese have AC. The news caused widespread concern in the field of Archaeology and historians, the British media also reported. "The times" web site to "rewrite the history of ancient Rome remains China titled", pay attention to this matter. "Daily Mail" to meet the two ancient imperial Title: two Chinese bones how to enter the London cemetery of ancient Rome, were reported. The ancient Rome period cemetery is now located in the London Borough of Southwark Rand street. "The times" said, this is a common cemetery, buried in ancient Rome are civilians, they have had to live in poor and dirty river thames. "Daily Mail", unearthed 22 skeletons, two were of Asian descent, and 4 groups were recognized in the case of African species. Although experts have yet to determine the exact source of the bones of two Asian, but that they are likely to come from Chinese. There is a thriving trade between ancient Rome and China, which is well known, but there is a lack of archaeological evidence, after only one Asian remains unearthed in the ruins of ancient Rome. In 2010, the bones of one adult male of East Asian descent was found in Italy Wanali, DNA test in life can be traced back to the second Century ad of Rome empire. This time, the latest excavations in London, thanks to the archaeological team led by the London museum. In the excavation and analysis of the use of very advanced technology, the results were surprised to find that this is a diversified social cemetery. From the Michigan State University forensic experts to analyze them, the conclusion is: these bones, two from the Asian race, with at least 4 African ancestry. According to the daily mail, the findings will rewrite the history of ancient Rome, which means that the ancient Rome and China are more widely communicated than previously recognized. "The times" said that the archaeological findings or will change people’s views on the history of Asia and Europe, because this discovery means that the Asian people have emigrated to the ancient Rome empire. The international business times believes that this will help people better understand the communication between different civilizations during that period. )相关的主题文章: