Liaoning robbery case notes: honest people why go on the road robbers – Sohu to comment on the case more deeply horrible place is that even if Li Xuyi did not go to the crime, the family will do? A family caught in usury, triangular debt, and how much hope and future. King Wen said the tiger for several days, Liaoning hijacked armored car case continue to occupy the important position of traffic. The robber Li Xuyi from relatives in the mouth, we have more or less that he robbed cause securicar family into the "triangle debt", which also involved the local government arrears. In addition, in addition to a robber outside the multi-faceted image also emerge in front of the public: friends heavy friendship, father’s eyes filial son, neighbor evaluation is good, completely honest image. How honest people will go on the road to the robbers? At least from the existing reports, is the family debt crisis was overwhelmed by Li Xuyi. Li Xuyi wrote back details recorded his 29 creditors, the amount of up to 450 thousand, there are also at least 600 yuan, the debt amounted to about 2000000 yuan. Compared with the total debt of 2 million yuan, 600 yuan is nine but Li Xuyi still put it one drop in the bucket, a landing record that Li Xuyi has never thought of any escape a debt; down a Bibi debt, but also shows his heart is anxious. The debt was not to be borne by Li Xuyi alone, and it was in fact his parents’ debt, since Li Xuyi was helping his parents take care of the construction business before he became a truck driver. But after the robbery, he first thought is also part of the debt to the creditor. There seems to be a direct causal link between the robbery and the family debt. But the robbery is robbery, no matter how much behind the simple reason, should not rush into danger. In this case it is sad that Li Xuyi’s double identity: a heavy armored car robbery suspects, a victim of domestic debt crisis. But in the case where a sigh is, Li Xuyi’s double identity: a heavy armored car robbery suspects, a victim of domestic debt crisis. These years, we see a lot of labor contractor or construction engineering, because of arrears, and debt story. Li Xuyi family, apparently so. Now, Hebei forestry bureau still owe Li Xuyi a about 3000000 yuan. If the Hebei Forestry Bureau to timely repayment of Li Xuyi’s debt, Li Xuyi would make such madness? We can not guarantee, is the local government debt to let Li Xuyi into a desperate, but if Li Xuyi can get the project funds, the situation is not good? In any case, Li Xuyi overwhelmed by the action, are not lying a profound social reasons. Apparently, Li Xuyi’s doing some scale building business, before there are at least two shops, is also a place where the wealthy income families, but suffered from its debt, in the government debt situation, the property structure of them is also not be so weak: when business suffered multiple debts especially government debt, cash flow, the Li Xuyi family home.相关的主题文章: