Refurbished or Used Medical Imaging Equipment

Whenever we hear the word “secondhand” or “used”, we often associate it to something worn out, old and nonfunctional. But then come the word “refurbished” which makes people question whether it is a different term or just euphemism for secondhand items. There are basically significant difference that people need to know when it comes to refurbished and used medical imaging equipment.

It is totally fine to question used or refurbished medical imaging equipment especially when it will be used for high patient volume. Just take into consideration that because a certain piece of equipment is termed refurbished or used, it doesn’t make it less functional or effective.

For whatever reason, whether it’s a surplus machine or fallen business, medical company might opt to sell the equipment that’s still in perfect condition. Even if the machine is brand new, it’ll be deemed secondhand right there and then as soon as other people touch it. Additionally, this means that good piece of equipment is for sale on the market but available for a lower price. Not just that, there are so many refurbished medical imaging equipment that has gone through proper inspections as well as repairs if needed and thoroughly tested to make sure that it is operational for the ACR accreditation and can meet OEM standards too.

Equipment is known to be used there are no repairs or modifications made to it after selling in the market. When it comes to refurbished medical equipment however, any sort of job to it like replacement, paint job or extensive upgrade, is considered as one. One is not necessarily better because in the end, it depends on the needs, resources and budget of the buyer.

In addition to its different meanings, there are differences as well in refurbished and used medical equipment. As a quick example, when you have opted to buy used medical imaging equipment, not only that you are able to purchase it for a lower price but also, it is available in some form of warranty. Normally, it is the buyers who are responsible for the labor or the parts that are needed to from the physical movement of the equipment, de-installation and even re-installation.

In regards to refurbished medical equipment on the other hand, because it is often tested to meet quality control, upgraded with new parts and calibrated, it is safe to say that refurbished medical imaging equipment are good as new. Refurbished systems additionally include a number of warranty packages alongside delivery and installation as well. The agreements for refurbished medical equipment will depend as well on the product itself and the buyer.