Leshan female zebra was knocked down after being rolled two motorcycle accident were escaping (Figure) Leshan Shawan pedestrian knocked the two rolling by Leshan (micro-blog) news (reporter Xu Zisheng) was originally an ordinary accident together, but because of the indifference of passers-by caused by injured two damage, even more angry is the two motorcycle drivers face when the accident chose to leave the wounded to escape the scene. Recently, a small video traffic accident spread in the circle of friends, people who have commented that such behavior is a disgrace! We can see from the video, 30 seconds at 7:10 on the morning of November 2nd, in the vicinity of the forestry bureau of Copper River Road Shawan District on the road, wearing a white short sleeved woman is a zebra crossing, a motorcycle suddenly sprang to the woman knocked to the ground. Subsequently, the motorcycle driver checked off after being knocked down by the white woman, found the woman injured tic temporarily lost the ability to act, the injured unexpectedly dropped on a motorcycle ran swiftly. The motorcycle driver fled the scene in less than 10 seconds, fell to the ground injured by another motorcycle rolling, shocking is after the motorcycle driver found pressure, but also did not return, a throttle off. Followed by a white car business woman fell to the ground at a distance of close range emergency stopped the car, but the owners did not get off the view, but a few steps from the injured side bypass. Until then, only a passer-by to stand in front of the wave warning, the protection of the injured. According to the video reporter rough statistics, from the white woman was knocked down to the passers-by to stand up and protect the injured just a minute and a half, there are fifteen cars, motorcycles and dozens of pedestrians passing by, but no one to rescue the injured, no one stopped the motorcycle. The evening of November 4th, reporters contacted the families of the victims, it is understood that the injured Ms. Zhang does not matter, have been discharged, but also did not find the driver of a motorcycle accident. Ms. Zhang said the family, although no serious injured, but escapes nature too bad, want the driver to surrender as soon as possible, and hope the witnesses or informants, call 110 to contact the police to provide clues.

乐山女子斑马线被撞倒后遭碾压 两肇事摩托均逃逸(图) 乐山沙湾行人过街被撞 遭二次碾压 乐山(微博)新闻网讯(记者 徐梓胜)原本是一起普通的交通事故,却因为路人的冷漠而导致伤者遭到二次伤害,更令人气愤的是肇事的两辆摩托车司机面对事故时都选择了丢下伤者逃逸现场。近日,一段交通事故的小视频在朋友圈里流传,市民们纷纷评论,这样的行为太丢脸!从视频中我们可以看到,11月2日早上7点10分30秒,在沙湾区铜河路林业局附近的公路上,一名身穿白色短袖的女子正在过斑马线,突然一辆摩托窜出来将该女子撞倒在地。随后,摩托车司机下车后检查了被撞倒在地白衣女子,发现该女子受伤抽搐暂时失去了行动能力,竟然丢下伤者骑上摩托车一溜烟跑了。肇事摩托车司机逃离现场不到10秒钟,倒在地上的伤者遭到另一辆摩托车碾压,令人震惊的是这辆摩托车的司机发现压人以后,也是头也不回,一轰油门走了。紧随其后的一辆白色商务车在距离倒地女子极短的距离内紧急刹住了车,但车主并没有下车查看,而是倒了几步从伤者一旁绕开了。直到这时才有一名路人站到伤者前面挥手示警,保护伤者。记者根据视频粗略统计了一下,从白衣女子被撞倒到路人站出来保护伤者短短的一分半钟里,有十五辆汽车、多辆摩托车和几十名行人等路过,但并没有人对伤者进行救助,也没有人拦下肇事摩托车。11月4日晚上,记者电话联系了伤者家属,据了解,伤者张女士并无大碍,已经出院,但肇事的摩托车司机还没有找到。张女士的家人表示,虽然伤者无大碍,但肇事逃逸性质太恶劣,希望该司机尽早投案自首,同时希望现场目击者或知情人,拨打110向警方联系提供线索。相关的主题文章: