How to Tell a Man with Low Testosterone

Fertilization is the origin of life. Fertilization is the joining of the male and female cell to form a zygote. An embryo develops from a zygote and grows to become a fetus. The time a baby is born, growth and development occur at all times. Growth is the irreversible increase in size and shape of the body. Development is the change that takes place in the body.

A baby must reach to an adolescent stage before they become an adult. Adolescent stage is different when it comes to boys and girls. Adolescent stage in boys has been known to kick start from 14-21 years of age. The adolescent stage in girls starts from 11-19 years of age. It has been known for the development of the secondary sexual characteristics to take place in the adolescent stage. Boys in this stage deepen their voice, grow their pubic hair, their shoulders broaden, increase in their body size, and development of their sexual reproductive parts.

It has been known for girls to have their hips widen, growth of the pubic hair, enlargement of their breasts, and development of their sexual reproductive parts at adolescent stage. Adolescent stage is harmful to girls and boys. This stage requires physical and moral support from adults. Adults are people who are fully mature mentally and physically. Reproduction is very important to the adults. Naturally, male and female are meant to reproduce. Fertility is very important when it comes to reproduction. Reproduction is primarily based on the production of the female and male reproductive cells. It has been known for the ovary and testes to produce the reproductive cells in female and males. Hormone testosterone and estrogen support the development of the reproductive parts in the two sexes. The level of testosterone is very important when it comes to reproduction in males. Low testosterone in males brings reproduction problems.

There are several signs of low testosterone in men. It has been noticed for males with low testosterone to have extra cholesterol in their body. High amount of fat in the body can lead to other problems such as obesity and heart diseases. Men with low testosterone experience low metabolic rate. It is obvious for low metabolism to lead to a low amount of energy in the body. It has been known for low amount of energy in the body to lead to low sex drive and erection problems in males. Expect low testosterone to lead to insomnia. Insomnia normally interferes with mental development. Men with low testosterone lack motivation and concentration in their activities.