Land revenue into the local fiscal four main city exceeded one hundred billion yuan of Land Finance: "feast" or "leftover feast" Centaline Property Research Center 28 released data show that as of now, the 50 city sold 1 trillion and 770 billion yuan, of which 90% city sales revenue over ten billion yuan, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou to sell the amount is exceeded one hundred billion yuan. High land property income, due to the weak economic and financial tight local government role is self-evident. In addition, the real estate siphon effect is obvious, the reality of the real economy is worrying. The expert points out, should accelerate and guide the inflow of funds and equity investment into a multi-level capital market, attract liquidity by investment income, money from real estate to the multi-level capital market and the real sector, let China economy out of crisis as soon as possible. The restless earth to shoot the hot market Centaline Research Center statistics show that in August 46 cases of high prices, high prices in September continue to refresh the record, as of 27, the country has appeared in 50 cases (high standard single case to the total price of more than 1 billion, the premium rate of more than 100%). It is worth mentioning that the single case of the total price of more than 1 billion of the land in September is as high as 80 cases, but also refresh the history. In fact, after the ebb tide in 2014 after repeatedly shot, since the second half of 2015, the market is increasingly hot soil. By 2016, the focus of the urban land market is becoming the object of housing prices scramble to snatch, regardless of the cost of taking pictures is more common. In September 22nd, Guangdong Dongguan a Baoshan community located in Huangjiang 61 thousand and 700 square meters of commercial and residential land auction, attracted a total of 23 enterprises bidding, the final resources to total 3 billion 430 million yuan, equivalent to the floor price of about 25264 yuan square meters to win. It is worth noting that the land premium rate as high as 662%. In September 21st, 3 cases of land concentrated in Ji’nan listing transfer. Among them, located in the home of the land in the 311 round of the auction, the final price of $1 billion 205 million, the average floor price of 6379 yuan square meters was shot. It is worth mentioning that the land price is only 147 million yuan, the premium rate of up to 719%, the highest rate of domestic land this year, the highest premium rate. In addition, the plot in 8 months ago, the floor price of only $750 square meters, which means that in just 8 months, its floor price increase of up to 750%. Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei said that the land market affected by the impact of real estate transactions also panic, in this context, the emergence of hot cities over the price of land phenomenon. At the same time, high land prices in turn have a greater impact on the existing market. Alert the local land finance dependence because of exacerbation reduction effect of the policy continue to appear, China’s fiscal revenue growth is still in a slow interval. From the Ministry of finance, the latest data show that in August the country’s general public budget revenue 989 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of only $1.7%, which, the central and local public budget revenue grew by -2.6% and the same caliber of the same caliber. Correspondingly, the local land revenue and housing tax collection involving a substantial increase. Data show that the land transfer income in the first 8 months to reach $20057, and local government.相关的主题文章: