Ken Chu married Jerry Yan Vanness Wu of Bali Island, "Ken Chu and Han Wenwen join in singing the new meteor shower" network – Beijing in September 4 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 3, Ken Chu and Han Wenwen’s wedding was held in Bali Island. The combination of F4 Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu unexpectedly appeared to join Zhou Yumin to take care of the children but absent, but still a blessing. At the wedding, Ken Chu, Jerry Yan, and the singer also sang the "meteor shower", quite a tear in the. Han Wenwen Ken Chu fed soup on the morning of 3 9:18, dressed in a robe like Ken Chu led the groom composed of friends, family, brothers band Brothers Group jieqin on time. In the wedding process in a couple, the princess looked at deep holding, intimate interaction and a fall, Han Wenwen fed Ken Chu drink soup of the scene, it is to let a person envy. It is reported that the soup is the groom Ken Chu a lot of thought prepared ahead of time, a combination of two Glutinous Rice Balls noodles, not only the expression of the bride and groom 100% specificity, two people also expressed sincere. Ken Chu submitted the "guarantee" in addition, then kiss ceremony, Zhu made a guarantee of filial piety in heaven, which will comply with the new "wife go out to the three obediences and the four virtues": "from" and "from" wife to take command, I want "from the" blind wife, wife makeup to "get", wife to spend money to "get", "angry wife bear", wife birthday to remember "". Ken Chu also told his wife that he must do a good husband: housework all inclusive (including the mother-in-law), full pay income (including gray), the wife heard (including Shopping, Fadia) with (including male stop). The wedding scene experienced Chinese "down to earth" abducting culture full of links after 3 PM a couple in the church promised. The scene with the blessings of family and friends, two people are falling tears of happiness, said Ken Chu first met Han Wenwen was "laughing eyes" to attract, recognized each other’s own destiny. Wedding night, Ken Chu and Han Wenwen held a wedding dinner, entertain a guest. Dinner in the lawn to the sea sky background, the theme, the tiny spots of waves, beautiful and romantic. Earlier, Ken Chu’s staff told Xinhua (reporter WeChat public number: cns2012), former F4 member Zhou Yumin Jerry Yan, to take care of the children, because the job is busy to attend. However, the wedding dinner scene, Jerry Yan unexpectedly appeared, together with Vanness Wu low-key seat. Talking about the previous news reports, Jerry Yan said: "the brother’s wedding scene is inevitable, but to his surprise I do; F4 is a symbol of a generation, whether it is F1, 2 or 3, is just a number, number is not representative of any brotherhood, in fact we are all very good." From left to right: Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, Jerry Yan, it is worth mentioning that, at the dinner, Ken Chu, Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu also sang a "meteor shower", full chorus, a tear. (end)相关的主题文章: