Kija: play perfect confidence I give myself 100 points kija interview after the game, sina sports Ke Jiejiu period in February 11th over Li Shishi in nine, won the fourth session of the CCTV new year trophy champion and 800 thousand bonus. After kija admits his victory, give yourself 100 points. Hua Xueming: how to play this game? Kija: I feel today played almost perfect. No matter before training or network chess Confucius is moving, is full of books (lost). Before the game is actually very worried about their status. But today I finally played out their own level, today’s game let me regain confidence. Hua Xueming: give yourself? Kija: 100, can be said to win, but also want a such a good game. Hua Xueming: the first new year’s crown, after what is intended? Kija: hope and 2015, don’t forget the heart, like to work hard before. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to participate in cctv. Hua Xueming: comment on Li Shishi? Kija: he is very tenacious Tetsuya, Lily felt his dream cup brought great pressure. Although the Bureau set him a big gap, if I would give up, but he is still very strong to the end. (Li Xinzhou)

柯洁:发挥完美重拾信心 我给自己打100分 柯洁赛后接受采访   新浪体育讯  柯洁九段在2月11日完胜李世石九段,勇夺第4届央视贺岁杯冠军及80万奖金。赛后柯洁坦言自己完胜,给自己打100分。   华学明:这盘棋发挥如何?   柯洁:我觉得自己今天发挥近乎完美。之前无论训练或网棋都是孔夫子搬家,全是书(输)。赛前其实挺担心自己的状态的。但今天我终于发挥出了自己的水平,今天的棋让我重拾信心。   华学明:给自己打分多少?   柯洁:100分,可以说是完胜,希望以后还能下出这样的好棋。   华学明:新年第一冠,之后有什么打算?   柯洁:还希望和2015一样,不忘初心,和以前一样去拼搏。非常感谢央视给我机会参赛。   华学明:对李世石有何评价?   柯洁:他是非常顽强的胜负师,梦百合杯就感受到他带来的压力,非常了不起。虽然这局中盘他差距很大,如果我可能早就认输了,但他仍十分顽强坚持到最后。   (李新舟)相关的主题文章: