Jiangsu disabled tour attractions in Shandong were beaten: because the new network conflict – in charge of more than and 10 volunteers with 15 of the disabled to Shandong tourism, but do not want to in the area suffered beatings". Due to the different intentions of the disabled free of charge, scenic and tourist groups from violent conflict, there are volunteers injured. Yesterday morning, the Yangtze Evening News reporter linked to the tour leader of volunteers Mei Zhiyu, he told reporters, the local authorities have formally apologize to them, and said it would actively promote the "tourist attractions special groups free" policy. Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhou Xiaoqing net posts broke the news: yiyanbuge, scenic staff cuff and kick 15:26 on August 25th, netizen "Gu Su people do pillow River micro Bo said, the day of their disabled tour came to Shandong Laiwu Kowloon Canyon play, in the ticket office and scenic ticket personnel because tickets for disabled conflict. According to the national law on the protection of disabled persons, disabled persons should enjoy free tickets, but the other party to the "village attractions, no government subsidies" by refusing to comply with. The negotiations fail, the tour is ready to turn back, but who knows the area have obstructed, not allowed to leave, they must buy tickets. "In other yiyanbuge hands, also rushed into the house to come up with a stick, a spade, beating out the stool." Reporters learned that the post is a college student volunteers among the tour, she said: the team itself vulnerable groups, more blind, mentally retarded children, as well as the mobility of the disabled. The volunteers are mostly female, and scenic staff argue, but were beaten, the other did not take into account the safety of the disabled." Posts, aroused strong indignation among netizens, have condemned the perpetrators of violence. The party said: volunteers were injured, the child frightened the morning of August 28th, the reporter contacted the travel volunteer leader Mei Zhiyu, he told reporters, "Suzhou is the public interest groups volunteer organized assistance activities for this trip, in order to let the crippled people have the opportunity to go out to see, they will organize the annual 1-2 event. Has been carried out for 5 years, during the period of travel by volunteers and the disabled pair accompany service. The tour consists of 35 members, including a total of 2 drivers, a total of 15 people with disabilities, with a total of 1 managers and a total of 17 volunteers. Taking into account the needs of individuals with disabilities wheelchair travel, so specially arranged for two volunteers to accompany. Mei Zhiyu said that the trip itinerary of 8 days, all the way to visit Lianyungang, Qingdao and other places, before all the scenic spots for the disabled to implement all the free tour of Shandong, Laiwu is the last stop, "after lunch, we decided to return, unexpectedly." Mei Zhiyu said. It is understood that in the conflict, in order to protect the disabled, some volunteers were injured. Mei Zhiyu himself in the conflict after being pushed down, his head was cut a ten cm hole, then seven stitches. "Gu Su people do pillow River" is also mentioned in the post, "volunteer team leader plum teacher in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of disabled persons, and they argue, but a few fellow siege, push.相关的主题文章: