Jiang Shuying into speech title: as an actor I will work harder     – people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: as an actor, I will work harder last night by the Jiangsu TV to create the star of reality show "inspirational speeches tell me the world" broadcast the finals, it is worth mentioning that 5 for the players, Zhang Liang, Wu Mochou, Jiang Shuying, Li Yugang, Yu Rongguang boarded the nest stage, confided to the audience. The result, Jiang Shuying had the last laugh, won the championship. Speech, she admitted that from the extreme not confident, there are social phobia, the bird’s nest on the stage to the fifty thousand speech, his world has changed completely. The interview with reporters asked about the emotional experience, she said, to find the other half did not reject the actor, she does not have feelings for feeling restrictions and fetters. Talk about the unexpected win: I’m not very good at speaking to express Jiang Shuying, what would you think? Is the movie "we eventually lost youth in the" goddess of Ruan Guan, film star Hu Ge and still have a relationship? At the end of July, Jiang Shuying unexpectedly "tell the world" I Zhou Guanjun, unexpectedly, "keep the horse of the state to the final championship. In this regard, Jiang Shuying frankly surprised. "When I won the championship, it was very unexpected. I think it might be a good relationship with Mr. good.". To take part in the speech to the bird’s nest, is more of an experience, because not everybody has the opportunity to be able to in the nest of such a special place to tell his own story, for me this experience is quite special. As I travel to a place, I enjoy my feelings and moods." Jiang Shuying admits that he used to listen to, but I’m not very good at expressing. The first time I received an invitation to the program group is more tangled, because I am not particularly strong in the language of expression. After the first tension, the second speech calmed down a lot." When it comes to the championship, Jiang Shuying said before the game, did not hold too much hope, "I did not regard it as a competitive game, is to share my feelings, everyone’s feelings are the one and only." Jiang Shuying believes that regardless of the first few, can spread to the audience some positive energy, is meaningful. Talk about the true feelings: to find the other half does not exclude the actor on Christmas Eve 2014, the network exposed Hu Ge and Jiang Shuying feeding at the airport sweet, then Hu Ge micro-blog admitted affair. However, in August last year in the TV series "Mr." conference, Jiang Shuying admitted single, marking the feelings of this painting on the perfect ending. About Hu Ge and the feelings of experience, Jiang Shuying said: "we have today thanks to the life experience, every experience is very valuable." Now the face of the media, Jiang Shuying is willing to talk about her feelings, the reason is not, "I don’t want to talk, but I have no emotion to talk about, always at work." Now talking about the mind "good candidates, Mr. Jiang Shuying said:" my father is my idea of a good sir, because my father was very filial piety, kindness, even if he is a rough man, mind is very delicate, sometimes watching TV can make)相关的主题文章: