The Jia Jinglong case people need an explanation – the people most concerned about the Sohu news is not Jia Jinglong’s death, but the public relief behind the case exposed the lack of these two days, Jia Jinglong called a name maxed out the circle of friends, a number of well-known legal experts to speak, appealed to the supreme court of Hebei province have a spare the life. Life. The reason is the direct cause of the murder of Jia Jinglong: in May 27, 2013, Jia Jinglong ready to do the use of the house to be married to the village was represented by the village committee organization forced demolition. About whether to shoot Jia Jinglong, I don’t want to comment, because the expert opinion of experts, but a case, after the second instance being the final instance, and again after the death penalty review by the Supreme People’s court, if still must be sentenced to death immediately, then the court should have the truth. Especially in nowadays the Party Central Committee to hold high the banner of anti-corruption situation, in countless netizens pay close attention to the situation, the possibility of the court ruling is not. In addition to the people of the village cadres oppressed villagers anger and violent demolition of empathy, the official silence is one of the main reasons for event fermentation. Open the network input, "Jia Jinglong", numerous anecdotal claims overwhelming, tragic ink Jia Jinglong an encounter, rendering a copy from rolia. With many years of media experience, my first reaction was "one-sided thing will be the demon, but I remain perplexed despite much thought is that even I feel a melon people may not like the case that people are looking for support, the official reason, but the official on the matter a little voice No. Jia Jinglong case, the people need an account, at least to include the following two aspects: on the one hand, the court sentencing questions. Although there is a word called "Sharenchangming", but in practice, not all murder defendants were sentenced to death immediately. The court found that there is still a civil case after the sentence answer, the case of a matter of practice, so much attention to criminal cases, whether the family and the people of a sentence after the sentencing answer it? Jia Jinglong surrendered, has been the focus of the case: according to Jia Jinglong claimed that his escape route is chosen in advance, is to run in the direction of Changfeng police station. Because in the process of resisting violence demolitions, which had been treated unfairly in the nearest high Camp police station. In the car, Jia Jinglong to former fiancee Lv Dandan made a phone call, he told her on the phone, so she told her parents that he had killed He Jianhua, surrendered to police station (the matter, Lv Dandan has been confirmed in the trial). Jia Jinglong also claimed that after being blocked by the villagers, saw the police, he shouted: I want to surrender!" During the trial, he asked the police to testify in court, but was rejected by the court. Is this the case? The court does not determine the basis of Jia Jinglong surrendered? On the other hand, it is a comprehensive explanation of the local government. For example, the north of the old village of high transformation of the Department of illegal implementation? Before the incident, Jia Jinglong is suffering from the illegal "three stop", the treatment stopped, the deduction of compensation and other unfair treatment? What is the basis for property assessment? Seriously lower than the Shijiazhuang city village at the time of the assessment criteria are true? Jia Jinglong father and village committee signed.相关的主题文章: