Japanese media: aging serious social crisis highlights Japan drip murder – Beijing, Beijing, September 29, Japan Xinhua China Press news before the author said, in September 20th, 88 year old Japanese Yamaki Nobuo died in a hospital in Yokohama city in the country. Just as many people thought he was too old or died of illness, the police released a message that things are not so simple. It is reported that in the eight volume of the body and a bit on the detection of detergent or pharmaceutical products containing the active ingredient. In other words, the eight volume was killed by him. The article said, it is worth noting that the same is the hospital, and with the eight volumes of the same floor of the patients, there are 3 people died suddenly after September 18th. Because of the strange, the forensic autopsy of the 3 deceased. The doctors found that the deaths of 18 reservoirs in Xichuan? Containing surfactant composition. That is to say, the hospital for two days, all the old man was "poison", caused the intense attention of Japanese society. According to a local merchant said, now most of the hospital stay is old, especially the 4 floor, a lot of people have been completely bedridden. Because died in this hospital patients in particular, people say "in the hospital is in hell.". The businessman also revealed that the hospital staff is not motivated. In September 13th, Xichuan entered the hospital after volume eight and live in the same ward, with two "drop" by keeping the nursing station. The intravenous drip of the hospital is under the instruction of the physician, prepared by the pharmacist, and then handed over to each floor of the nursing station. In other words, before the infusion to the elderly, only the hospital’s medical staff to be able to touch a bit. Although the hospital president Takahashi Yangyi said, I believe the hospital staff will not do such a thing. But all the evidence shows that the "bit murder" is likely to be the hospital insiders dry. The police initially judged, this is a serious case of murder. The article pointed out that, when it comes to health care workers to kill, it is easy to think of the July 26th, the same is happening in Kanagawa, Japan’s most serious murder after the war". Nursing staff were dismissed and sunsum, with a knife hacked to death 19, injured 20 the disabled. This should be to take care of the patient or the disabled "angel in white" has become the "killer", which is very worthy of reflection. Of the two cases there are two points, one is the "acquaintance crime", are all employees to start; two is the object is "sick", also is the weak society. So what is their motive for killing? Japanese media analysis, the "drip kill" the purpose of the case should be to discredit the hospital. However, from the local people to the hospital to understand, the hospital would have bad reputation, don’t need to discredit. Therefore, this conjecture is difficult to set up. Some people say that because of the care of the elderly, nursing staff too much pressure. Indeed, we can not deny that there is a factor in this level. However, the two events may have another underlying cause. The article said that, and this is the reason for planting pine said earlier, the disabled should be removed, this.相关的主题文章: