Writing Jonathan Franzen is especially scathing about women, through the eyes of Richard Katz (most probably, an alter ego of the author himself). When a woman looks at his (Richard Katz) reaction after a kiss (he doesnt use the word), Richard cannot fake attraction with her, since he has experienced the same feeling about a hundred times before. Its not new to him anymore. The insecurity of being an ageing female is also captured extremely well, especially when Richard cant even pity the little ego of Lucy. There Are Similarities between These Two The reason why the readers tend to see Richard as the alter ego of Jonathan Franzen is the similarity between the two life graphs. Both (Richard Katz and Jonathan Franzen) are artists whose efforts met with commercial silence for about twenty years and suddenly they produced a huge hit. The resulting success only produced more scorn from the writer himself, as he speaks truths completely unadulterated and unrepentantly. Everything Is Nice On the Surface Once you finish the book, it would be difficult to be persuaded by the entire book, especially the character of Patty. Part of the problem of Patty arises from the astounding introduction of the Berglund family in Freedom. They have a great reputation in their area, they appear extremely nice and successful on the surface, but there are some uncomfortable truths lurking beneath the skin. The neighbours thought if somebody scratched behind the surface of nice Patty, all they would get out was a selfish woman who just cared for her children and for herself, she didnt give a damn about her parents either, even the husband didnt matter for her probably. Isnt Patty More Like An Undeveloped Character? But then, once you start reading her autobiography, she comes across as a woman who is so adrift in the life, she doesnt seem like a developed character at all. She doesnt seem even likeable, even in her youth she just gets tossed around by other persons, instead of asserting her own individuality. She goes for Walter only after her friend has rejected her. Although entire book is funny and interesting, its surprising Pattys character isnt that interesting in spite of what other characters tell us about her. The Death Seems Out Of Place in the Story The death that takes place in the book does not read well with the rest of the story, and the social commentary that accompanies rest of the book about in self importance. The plot twist about the company that takes up an assignment of despoiling mountains looked needlessly complicated, though rest of the book will completely sweep you off your feet. Overall, if you loved The Corrections, you would feel as if you have come back to the restaurant where last time you had a great meal, chances are, youll go back satisfied yet again. About the Author: The author Prasoon Kumar works for .www.uRead.com which is the leading online bookstore that offers all the current and all time great titles at never before prices. To find out whether Freedom has some autobiographical elements from the life of Jonathan Franzen, its best if you read the book yourself. Order for your copy of Freedom at huge discount only at ..uread../book/freedom-jonathan-franzen/9780007318520 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: