"Internet plus" super city construction management Sohu – News reporter Kang Peng Hu Xuexuan correspondent Li Jia Bao Rui Wang Feng in the past, Wuhan people out of habit looked up; now, people love looking down at the mobile phone — Wuhan traffic data is refreshed once every 2 minutes, the accuracy rate reached 95%, ranked first in the country. As one of China’s first smart city pilot city of Wuhan, on the basis of information management, improve the city governance capacity, solve traffic congestion, environmental pollution, population agglomeration and other problems, has initially built "Cloud City", the public can enjoy over 800 public services on the internet. A "Internet plus" authoritative report shows that last year in Wuhan city public service intelligence ranked fourth in the country, second only to Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. 1000 free WIFI coverage of the main public places cloud through 41 government departments in 2010, the establishment of the Wuhan smart city construction work leading group, the construction of the wisdom of the city included in the "12th Five-Year" plan. After more than 6 years of construction, and now, the public and businesses began to enjoy the wisdom of the city’s construction results. At the airport, train station, hospital, shopping malls, tourist attractions and other main public areas, the people of Wuhan can at any time through the "iWuhan-Free" WIFI free high-speed Internet access, bandwidth is not less than 20M, coverage has reached domestic leading level. Currently, Wuhan fiber to the user to cover 4 million households, more than 80% of the city bandwidth of up to 100 megabytes. At present, Wuhan has launched the "Wuhan government cloud?", the public can query online fund balance, public security household information, but also a key to pay utilities, broadband, ETC, Wuhan, charges and other expenses, appointment registration, also can buy medicine online. Including human society, industry and commerce, public security and other 41 departments of nearly 800 services, is to break the "digital barriers" and "information island", the implementation of departmental data interoperability, people do not have to obtain a permit repeated errands, also bid farewell to "your mother is a wonderful proof of your mother.". In the cloud Wuhan enterprise website, the company can not only easily and quickly handle the business online, but also access to desktop IT support, online office, enterprise e-mail and other application services. Even technology companies want to get financing, investors want to know the enterprise credit information, can be carried out on the internet. Wuhan is planning to release the first citizen card, the card to the social security card based integration of "micro payment + + city public transportation 172 administrative and public service, the medical card, union card, old cards, travel cards, bus cards, provident fund card functions together, the equivalent of the a scattered pile of keys into a multipurpose key". Aimed at the development of the 5G era to seize the city upgrading opportunities the Internet, big data and cloud computing technology, is a hitherto unknown speed of the traditional mode of production and life of disruptive change, this is a social change brought a good opportunity for industrial upgrading, upgraded the city, Wuhan is firmly seize this opportunity. In order to promote the application of industry, in the end of 12th Five-Year, Wuhan information and photo相关的主题文章: