"In July and still" 9.23 North American release in mid October Hongkong premiere entertainment Sohu "in July and she" September 23rd North American release "in July and she" released the September 23rd North American city Sohu list entertainment news by Peter Chan, producer Xu Yuezhen, directed by Derek Tsang, Dongyu Zhou, Ma Sichun, Li Chengbin starred in the movie "in July and still" national release since September 14th. September 20th, learned from the film, "in July and she" identified in the September 23rd log in the North American market, the first in New York, Losangeles, San Francisco, Washington, Chicago, Vancouver and other 21 city and regional theaters. The movie "in July and she" adapted from the famous Chinese youth literature writer Anne baby as the founder level. About "peace" (Dongyu Zhou) and "July" (Ma Sichun ornaments) two girls from the age of 13 years of acquaintance, the fetters of growth story. For English film "Soul Mate" (the "soul mate"), producer Peter Chan said in the movie "peaceful relations" and "July", far beyond the so-called "bestie", even beyond the "lover", they are the world’s most people understand each other in English, "Soul Mate" to describe more appropriate, more in line with contemporary people’s emotional outlook. In life, you will have one or two soul mates. Maybe you’ve already met. Maybe you haven’t met. But in July she met, she met in July." Peter Chan said. The film from the first round of the August 30th test piece, the high reputation of a way to harvest from the audience and the industry, praised the film "not artificial, not the idea, called the youth film in a stream", "tap water" audience grow with each passing day Amway group, Huang Bo, Han Han, Huang Xiaoming and many more, deer Han, Hao Ning and other dozens of stars the sound behind the celebrities. The cat’s eye from the statistics, the movie "in July and she" is not dominant in the row of the case, the amount of discharge sheet from the September 15th film war rose to 10.8% in September 20th 13.5%, as of 20 pm 14 sales totaled over 83 million yuan. Some netizens said: "the first time to see a special move, cry not, think of a lot of youth when the past, called the best friend to see. The second is still very moved, found a lot of the first time did not pay attention to the small details. The film is too hard to recommend to all friends." The story of the film also won the girls thought up many male audience. Currently, the film has been selected as the opening film of the 2016 Hongkong Asian Film Festival, will be held in Hongkong in mid 10 premiere.相关的主题文章: