Raising Happy Teenagers.

Teen age is a period in which your once young child is becoming a grown up person. Teenage life comes with its own complications which the people surrounding him ought to understand and reason with him or her. While at this stage of life most of these teenagers end up engaging in some activities that are not positive for example drug abuse and the like. If not monitored, most people end up in waste at this stage and hence it is necessary that the parents or guardians to offer advice and be there.

Teenagers at this stage usually love getting attention so much and as such it is beneficial that you be there for them, listen to them and counsel them. A benefit of being a good listener is that you are able to give a lending ear to your teenager and this is advantageous since they will feel that you love them. Teenagers may be having some hidden issues that you may not be able to know of but when you listen you are able to pick up the negative issues and you can advise them.

Your teenager might be undergoing a stressful situation that may alter his or her behavior and as such it is good that you always listen to them so that you be able to to spot a sign for a cry for help, it is always vital to read these signs. Bad moods, slamming doors and always screaming at each other are some characteristics that the teenagers exhibit, this might make you be angry at them, however, it would be advisable for you to be quite considerate with them. A parent to a teenager, if you want to raise a good and healthy one, you should not judge your kid, try to understand them because you were also there at one point.

Teenagers if left uncontrolled, they might misbehave and engage in some activities that are negative it is thus important that you set boundaries on some issues, for example if it is addressing you with respect and the like. Setting up some basic home rules for example the time your teenager should be at home,this makes them be more mature because they would not want to disappoint you,boundaries are very vital in this transition period.

Respect is key and it should be two way, if you want your teen to respect you, you also must respect him and his ideas of what he wants to do for example if he wants to sleep late do not make a fuss about it. Showing that you love your teen goes a long way in boosting their self esteem and self confidence in themselves, try to prevent yourself from making any negative statements as these might have a negative effect on the teenager.