Hundreds of overseas Chinese hometown in Hebei and suggestions for development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei – Beijing Beijing on 24 September, Baoding (Li Qian) 24, sponsored by the Federation China Federation of Hebei Province, hosted the "overseas Chinese hometown – into the Hebei campaign came to Hebei Bailixia, Xiling scenic spot, hundreds of overseas overseas Chinese from more than and 30 countries and regions, returned to his hometown in Hebei Province, the development of Hebei tourism industry to help. According to reports, the "overseas Chinese hometown – into the Hebei campaign officially launched on the 23 day. There are hundreds of overseas Chinese from more than and 30 countries and regions, returned to his hometown in Hebei Province, the first stop is the first Hebei tourism development conference. 23 evening, in the understanding of the current Hebei province tourism resources and the prospects for future development, overseas Chinese people enjoyed a large-scale live performance show "fire". "Fire" to show culture, customs, Hebei Taihang red memory as the main line, with movies, music, dance, martial arts, 3D effects and other forms, the Yanzhao prehistoric origin, evolution, human civilization and the rise in real red with a profound interpretation, add a bright color Hebei tourism. During the show, overseas Chinese who have used the mobile phone records moments. Singapore BSE Entrepreneurs Association President Li Jianfu finished the fire show after the show, Hebei should do more to reflect the creation of local culture, improve the visibility and influence of Hebei. 24, overseas Chinese to visit Bailixia area, the wisdom of tourism service center and Qing Xiling. Experience the natural, cultural and intellectual tourism development in Hebei. Han Xiaofei, a lawyer of the China Lawyers Association in Japan, said after visiting the scenic area of Baili gorge, I did not expect such a beautiful place to be so close to Beijing. She suggested that more efforts should be made to let more people know about it. It is understood that this year is the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the Federation China, approved by the central Chinese Federation will host the 17 series of commemorative activities, "overseas Chinese hometown – Hebei into" is a part of them. Hebei Federation Chairman Bao Dong said that the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei also needs the participation of overseas Chinese in the sea. This event is also the hope of overseas Chinese in-depth research around the Hebei province in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development of the strategic position and the focus of the work proposed high perspicacity play a good role, government suggestions, grasp the initiative in Beijing and Tianjin Hebei collaborative development opportunities, and actively undertake industrial transfer, to seek greater development. At the same time strengthen Neiyinwailian, gather the talents, to attract more overseas Chinese to venture in Hebei, bring more overseas friends to understand and pay attention to Hebei, enhance the soft power of the development of Hebei. It is understood that Hebei has returned overseas Chinese overseas Chinese about 500000 people, about 500000 people, 78 countries and regions in 5 continents. After the reform and opening up, there are more than 100 thousand foreign students to study abroad. (end)相关的主题文章: