Huang Zitao or a movie version of "Qi Tan 2" before the Jedi fugitive directed by actor Huang Zitao about his film work in live events, accidentally said leakage has not disclosed "Qi Tan 2", then the staff are reminded to stop. According to informed sources, the Huang Zitao starred in the movie "Qi Tan 2" adapted from the game of the same name, Ali pictures, actor Huang Zitao will play music as the main female, or Guan Xiaotong will lock. The director of this movie is just filmed "Jedi escape" Renny · Harlem Yu, he had previously revealed the film feeling and mood like the Milky Way "guard", will start at the end of October. It is understood that the "Qi Tan 2" story of the game is mainly about Jingshan Yan of music is cheerful boy, by chance away from home, and because he admired the legendary master of Xie Yan Yi and embark on a journey of spiritual yan. The journey is met, Le Valley Baicao soldiers Wenren Yu, disciple of Huashan Tiangang too Xia Yi, mysterious life experience, the beautiful girl, Ruan and other partners, later found Xie clothing and worship as a teacher. However, a name for the stream on the city’s forces, led to a mystery, but also make people fall into a crisis. Rene · said in an interview in the film festival before Harlem Yu: "many people will think this department chose me to guide" 2 "Qi Tan a little surprised. But I can give "Qi Tan 2" brings a new perspective: to complete with Europe and the concept of Hollywood a good China fantasy film." If you use a Hollywood movie analogy "Qi Tan 2", Rene · Harry said: "in the Hollywood film, everyone will think it is" the Lord of the rings "series. But I’m more in favor of the galaxy guard, and they have a lot of similarities in terms of feelings and emotions. We definitely need to have fun and funny movies, but also need to have deep feelings. If a movie can make the audience laugh very happy, really to the deep feelings of the place will be more powerful." Talk about the making of "escape" the difference between the Jedi, he said the former is an action comedy, all shooting on location, on-site production, and the action design is the actual design on the spot. "Qi Tan 2" is completely different, it is mostly made of green cloth to shoot, environment and background in the movies are made of digital effects. Action design, unlike the traditional common action. As for the Chinese fantasy film directed by "cultural differences", Rene · Harry said: "about the martial arts and mythology, I’ve been learned from movies, there are a lot of Oriental Myth can not understand the place for a Western perspective. I have been doing my homework, I hope that through the efforts, as well as the cooperation of the team and Ali, so that the theme of the film, so that foreign audiences, in the absence of too much knowledge of history and culture, but also able to understand." It is reported that the "Qi Tan 2" will be filmed in Beijing for about 4 months, currently being prepared.相关的主题文章: