Huang Yiqing denounced Huang Yi: let daughter show show, adults can receive silver torii public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Huang Yiqing denounced the Yellow Yirang daughter show catwalk: Cashier torii Huang Yi Huang Yi Taiwan photographed daughter shows Sina entertainment news the morning of November 4th, Huang Yiqing published a long article on micro-blog in the United States, Huang Yi at [micro-blog] true feelings because personal neglect of her daughter and daughter and father, limit for a month only once, and let the three year old daughter to the catwalk fishing gold behavior. Huang Yiqing rebuked yellow Yirang daughter catwalk is fishing for gold, "the child is responsible for taking forward the catwalk, adults responsible for cashier torii", he claimed that Huang Yi to do so "attack over dad, his face began to stop her daughter countless stage, countless scenes….." Huang Yi, and suggested to the immediate interests and even the use of children, can use unscrupulous divisive tactics, "but some things involves the immediate interests, the heart will no longer conceal selfish nature up!" In addition, Huang Yi also said Huang daughter feeling weak, his daughter and daughter feeling more profound, but due to the limitations of Huang Yi a month only one day time, he shouted, "her father distressed daughter a month to allow the feelings of the day! Love is in the day and look forward to stay together morning and night……" And the shouting their ability to create ideal living conditions and environment for the growth of warm for his daughter, but because of Huang Yi’s strong interference to naught. Finally, all he said is the truth, he can always willing to live in the open, all witness, see the child appearing at the same time the father and mother, in the absence of external guidance, she will not hesitate to choose who!" Huang Yiqing and Huang Yi after the divorce, her daughter Huang Yi to raise two clang, people fight female war nevercorpuscles. In addition to endless slobber battle, after Huang Yi also unauthorized visits his daughter away, attracted a great disturbance. Recently, micro-blog Yi Huang drying out her daughter in fashion show photos and text, and said: "your sensible, let me want to become a better man! Mom loves you!" And Huang Yiqing was dissatisfied with Huang Yi repeatedly let her daughter exposure in the spotlight, the document is his new round of fight back. Users of the Huang Yiqing is also a different attitude. There are friends standing on the side of Huang Yiqing, that his love for her daughter, no doubt, come on, you know that you are a good father!" And questioned Huang Yi limit the father and daughter to meet is not human, "once a month ah, it’s a bit hard!" Some netizens think Huang Yiqing has not walked out of the shadow of the divorce, "you really find a character with a woman, the vengeful vengeful vengeful, really good for the children, not to say here!" More netizens said that in order to feel the child, both sides should step back, always torn to tear the child grew up will be sad, no matter what is her favorite father and mother!" In fact, regardless of how the relationship between husband and wife should give the child a carefree childhood!" (Intern Di Erwen) (commissioning editor: tie) stay tuned for more exciting content @ Sina)相关的主题文章: