Security Once you have had your burglar alarm system installed it is important that you learn how to check and maintain all the .ponents that make up the system. One such .ponent that you should be especially aware of, which will need to be regularly checked, is the burglar alarm battery. We are going to give you some general guidelines to follow to make sure you get your security system testing done right. Also not this is so important to your well-being that we suggest you test at least once a month. Before the actual test is run, read your burglar alarm system documents. This is the best way to know how to perform the right test for your particular alarm and let’s you know how to keep from accidentally doing anything you shouldn’t. It is important as well to know what to do with a monitored system and to notify the monitoring center before the test begins with whatever notification system they tell you to use. Looking in your documents, you should an index or guidelines section that will give you the step by step of what to do to test the alarm system with the burglar alarm battery, the control panel and all the sensors. Read this through several times so there is no question about the steps to take. Knowing just what you need to so you are able to rapidly disarm the system and having the disarming codes close by are also important. This is for a just in case scenario where an accidental triggering happens. Make sure you do not leave the codes close to the control panel though after the system is tested. Another help would be to have someone in the house with you who knows the codes and can help you quickly if something should go wrong. Another thing to remember when testing your alarm system at home is to inform other family members that you are doing it before you actually go ahead with a test. Plus prior to you actually testing the system you need to walk round the house to make sure that all doors and windows are closed. Once this is done you can start the test. Now that you are ready to test your system, you will key in the testing code that should be found within the manual. Once the test has finished it should have highlighted any problems within the system. If your burglar alarm system is monitored, you may even get any errors reported to them as well at the monitoring service center. It is during the testing of your alarm system you will see if any problems have occurred in relation to the burglar alarm battery. If there are then you may well need to look at changing the burglar alarm battery for a new one. Again the manual which came with the system should instruct you how to .plete this task. But even if there are no problems with the battery you should look at changing it every couple of years anyway. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: