SEO There are several factors considered while search engines rank a Website. Actually, landing page is a trial & error method. You need to continuously update your site as per the latest trends in search engines. This article will surely help you optimize your landing page for best performance in search engines. First of all, make sure that you made enough keyword research as you cannot succeed without finding profitable keywords in your industry. If you have decided your targeted keyword, find competition for this keyword and optimize your site accordingly. If you are new to this industry, it is better to target less competitive keywords (although less popular) keywords and slowly proceed towards high competitive ones. Put your main keyword in title. Repeat this keyword in the content. Put it in h1 header tag at the beginning. If you are targeting more than 1 keyword, place your second keyword in h2 header tag. Place It in the other formats like bold, italicized, underlined if fits appropriate. Place in 1-2 paragraph once. Make sure that your content looks natural. If you have any images on site, put keyword as alternate text. Make sure that when search engines crawl your landing page, these read your keyword first. Remove unnecessary flashes or java script if any. Search engines are more likely to ignore such sites. Add site map so that search engines can access each page of your site. Content on page should be easy to read and website should load fast. Use professional designs on the site. Put minimum number of quality outbound links. i.e. links to high Page Rank Websites. Add testimonials, free trial of your product or service in order to decrease bounce rate of your site. Conclusion: Way to optimizing landing page is not a fixed path. You really need to work hard on your site so that it gets higher ranking in search engines. For more SEO help visit Search Engine Optimization Techniques. 相关的主题文章: