Housing prices fell – Sohu securities "now there are a number of colleagues began to leave, business is not as good as before."." Hongkong Zhongyuan Real estate intermediary admitted that, from the second half of last year, the entire Hongkong property market began to turn cold, many sellers began to substantially reduce prices to promote transactions. In fact, since the end of the year, in many core areas of Hongkong real estate intermediary shops, you can see the second-hand housing owners price sales advertising. Data show that in 2015 the overall decline in housing prices in Hongkong nearly 10%, trading volume is shrinking sharply in the fourth quarter of last year. January 2016 data show that the Hongkong property market continues to slump. Hongkong Central Plains real estate data show that, in terms of turnover, Hongkong’s three major regions (Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories) second-hand private housing sales contract fell compared to 2015 December. Among them, Hong Kong Island was the largest decline area. In 2016 January, there were 301 registered private housing sales in Hong Kong Island, which fell by 22.2% compared with 387 in December last year. The number of second-hand private housing transactions in Kowloon in January was 485, down 18.1% from 592 in December last year. In the new territories of second-hand private residential transactions this year 1 recorded 677, 11.2% less than last year 762 in December. The price at the end of January, the Central Plains city of large estates leading index CCL Mass reported 134 points, down 9.81% compared with 2015 148.61 points record. Property prices in the four districts fell from a record high in 2015, with Hong Kong Island falling by 9.71%, Kowloon down by 11.10%, New Territories East by 10.01%, and New Territories West by 10.11%. Central Plains real estate research senior joint director Huang Liangsheng pointed out that Hongkong’s downward pressure on the economy is larger, the decline in property prices is not stopped, is expected to reflect the price level of the Central Plains city leading index will drop 120 points in the second quarter of 2016, an estimated cumulative decline of about 15%. Lower property prices have knocked down the confidence of citizens to enter the market, resulting in weak private housing transactions. Affected by the financial market fluctuations, the second-hand housing market downturn, believe that February second-hand housing transactions continue to be soft. In fact, from the Hongkong people’s willingness to see home also began to turn cold. A recent Citibank survey shows that 62% of respondents believe that property prices will fall in the next 12 months, significantly higher than the third quarter of 2015, the level of 46%, a survey since 2010 launched a new high. The survey also showed that about 67% of respondents believe that this is not a good time to buy a home.

房价下跌-搜狐证券   “现在已经有一定数量的同事开始离职,生意没有以前那么好做。”香港中原地产一中介人士坦言,从去年下半年开始,整个香港的楼市就开始转冷,不少卖家开始大幅度降价以促成交易。事实上,自去年底以来,在不少核心地段的香港地产中介店铺,均可看到二手房业主降价销售的广告。数据显示,2015年香港房价整体下降近10%,交易量更是在去年四季度大幅萎缩。  2016年1月数据显示,香港楼市继续低迷。香港中原地产数据显示,成交方面,香港最主要的三个区域(港岛、九龙及新界)的二手私人住宅买卖合约登记均较2015年12月份下跌。其中,港岛区为跌幅最大的区域,2016年1月份港岛区二手私人住宅买卖登记录得301宗,较去年12月的387宗下跌22.2%。九龙区1月的二手私人住宅买卖录得485宗,较去年12月的592宗下降18.1%。新界区的二手私人住宅交投今年1月录得677宗,比去年12月的762宗减少11.2%。价格方面,截至1月底中原城市大型屋苑领先指数CCL Mass报134点,较2015年历史高位的148.61点下跌9.81%。四区楼价较2015年历史高位均出现下跌,港岛跌9.71%,九龙跌11.10%,新界东跌10.01%,新界西跌10.11%。  中原地产研究部高级联席董事黄良升指出,香港经济下行压力较大,楼价跌势未止,预计反映房价水平的中原城市领先指数将于2016年第二季下探120点低位,估计累计跌幅约一成半。楼价下调打击了市民的入市信心,导致二手私人住宅交投疲弱。受金融市场波动影响,二手住宅市场低迷,相信2月份二手房交易继续偏软。  事实上,从香港市民置业意愿看也开始转冷。花旗银行近期的一份调查显示,62%的受访者认为楼价会在未来12个月下跌,明显高于2015年第三季46%的水平,创调查自2010年推出以来新高。调查同时显示,大约67%的受访者认为目前不是置业的好时机。相关的主题文章: