Arts-and-Entertainment Their mascot is Joe, a funny cow, that guides the user thorough the booking experience, helping customers to find which is the most suitable option for his travel both if job trip or vacation travel. Furthermore hotelnights.. point out the value of customer experiences in the website, adapting the same concept they apply to each customer of the travel agency: make the customer to feel special, working for him and finding out the best option to suit his requirements. Thats why this hotels website provides .plete information to the users of each one of the hotels to let the user .pare the different options and find the best for him. This approach is especially used for hotels located in Spain, in Spanish coasts, in the Balearic Islands and in the Canary Islands. All of that top tourist locations in Europe. Bravasol viajes sl goal launching hotelnights is to increase sales approaching online market, where the opportunity is huge: 36% of online sales in 2012 were a product or service related with tourism, both hotel or flight reservation. Hotelnights aims to achieve high growth sales, especially in national market considering the fact that online trade in Spain takes several years increasing its turnover continuously, from 16.548 million euros in 2011 to 19.659 euros in 2012, and estimations for 2013 of another increase of about 20%. Several industry reports say that e-.merce will continue to increase in Spain in greater proportion than any other sector of the economy over the next four years to double its sales volume .pared to 2011 in 2016 and place it in the 30,000 million euros. Growth rates, much higher than the traditional trade, are a great opportunity for small and medium businesses to sort the crisis that is hitting hard in the Iberian Peninsula such as in whole Southern Europe. However actually Spanish tourist sector seems not to be affected by the crisis as much as other sector of Spanish economy, thanks to the strong support of Spain since the 50s, that allowed to set tourism as one of the leading sectors and hopefully one of the life vest of Spanish economy. Thanks to the new search engine Bravasol viajes sl will reach both national and foreign markets to attract tourist to visit Spain, as the websites presented in 4 languages: Spanish, German, French and English. Furthermore hotelnights.. team added 2 blogs to the website, one in English and one in Spanish, where they share useful tips and information for each traveler in their routes all around the world. Both blogs are updates daily with the most outstanding information about tourism and best tips to travel on a budget. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: