Hongkong public opinion and people from all walks of life: an interpretation will safeguard the rule of law in Hongkong – Hongkong in November 4, Sohu News newspaper (reporter Lian Jin Tim) long meeting of the NPC Standing Committee listened to the 4 NPC Standing Committee Deputy Secretary General Li Fei as the chairman of the meeting on the deliberation of the 104th basic law of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region of the draft interpretation about the situation the report, the mainstream media in Hongkong and the community expressed their support and understanding. Concerned that, due to the arrogance of the Hongkong Hong Kong Independence words and deeds, looking forward to the highest organ of state power to the final word, to ensure that the implementation of "one country two systems" in Hongkong. Li Huiqiong pointed out that the members of the Legislative Council, Liang Songheng, Yu Huizhen in the Legislative Council Oath and insulting the country and compatriots, has aroused strong protests from all sectors of society and condemned. Hongkong recently a voice shows, people attach importance to national identity, pay attention to Hongkong as part of a Chinese constitutional order. There is no room for ambiguity in these matters. Hongkong Federation vice president Huang Guojian said, the legal interpretation of the basic law of the NPC Standing Committee, the NPC Standing Committee’s constitutional powers. Hongkong has questioned whether it will affect the judicial independence of Hongkong, in fact, judicial independence is based on the "one country, two systems", and now a country is a serious threat to Hong Kong Independence, of course, the central authority. Zhang Huafeng, a member of the Legislative Council, said in an interview with the media, Liang, two people have been sworn in the storm has hit the sovereignty of the country, in line with the interpretation of the conditions. The point of law disputes, has made many people feel very puzzled, so by the interpretation of law, give the community a clear answer, clarify the controversial, believe that this is consistent with the public expectations. Liang Jinsong, former director of Hongkong’s financial secretary, said that the "Hongkong independence" of the Divided States and the "Hongkong independence" are very serious problems, and that the state will not allow them to do so. "One country" must precede the "two systems", "Hong Kong on the independence issue, the state through the interpretation of law or by other methods showed that the position is acceptable and understandable. Hongkong counsel Ding Huang said, the National People’s Congress has legal authority to revise and interpret the law, "Hongkong people to do the job against the supreme authority, this is to have the order reversed the Hongkong legal system." Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao", "Wen Wei Po" comment, this interpretation itself is legal mechanism established from many angles, is an important part of the legal system of Hongkong. In fact, since the return of Hongkong, the National People’s Congress several times to explain the law, not only did not affect the rule of law in Hongkong, but to clarify the uncertainties in the judicial practice of Hongkong, effectively safeguarding the rule of law in Hongkong. "Sing Tao Daily" published an article entitled "ignorance" with fire for Hong Kong 672 review article pointed out that, in order to completely solve the "Hong Kong Independence" entered Parliament sequelae, the central government decided to sell "the incident involving the relationship between the central government and the SAR, is the interpretation of law, should be resolutely shot, this is the responsibility to do something."相关的主题文章: