Hongkong public housing waiting list for time will begin to shorten – Beijing, Beijing, November 1, according to the Hongkong Wen Wei Po reported in 2020, Hongkong residents waiting time increasing. Hongkong Housing Authority announced on October 31st, at the end of September this year, the waiting list for about 286 thousand and 500 cases, compared with 288 thousand and 300 in the previous quarter Zonglve reduction in 1800 cases. But in general the applicant’s average waiting time by 4.1 in the last quarter to 4.5 years. The Housing Authority subsidized housing group chairman Huang Yuanhui expected, with the supply of more than 70 thousand flats in the next 5 years, the waiting time until after 2020 will be gradually reduced, but will not give up 3 years of housing target. In addition, the Housing Authority will discuss several measures of reducing waiting time, agreed in principle to tighten the housing subsidy policy". According to the Hongkong Housing Authority, the latest figures show that as of September this year, about 152 thousand and 500 of the general public housing application, compared with the previous quarter of 153 thousand fell slightly in 500 cases; about 134 thousand cases of quota and scoring system under the non elderly one application; compared with 135 thousand and 300 in the previous quarter fell slightly in 1300 cases. The average waiting time for general applications by a quarter to 4.1 years to 4.5 years old, one applicant’s average waiting time to maintain for 2.4 years. From the government’s 3 years upstairs, the goal is getting farther and farther, the Housing Committee of the housing finance committee meeting on the 31 to discuss how to make good use of public housing resources, more focused on the allocation of more urgent need for applicants. After the meeting, Huang Yuanhui met with the media said that the current housing supply was unable to catch up with demand, expected future period of time is still waiting will deviate from the target of 3 years. In the face of rising demand for housing, more effective use of public housing resources, Huang Yuanhui refers to all the members agreed in principle to tighten the housing subsidy policy, suggestions for the rich from the previous "double track system" to implement the "single track", as long as the family income or assets of any one beyond the limit, it would be handed over to the public housing units but now, consider relaxing the excess limit, such as the income limit exceeded 3 times, up to 4 times or 5 times; the asset limit from the original 84 times to 100 times. The owner of the property itself needs to move out in real time. However, it is difficult to assess how much Huang Yuanhui refers to the rich or affected by the implementation of all measures to make the number of units, the implementation of the "single track" details to the housing department to evaluate the specific data, and make discussion group to implement, but hope to be able to carry out the next year. Housing finance committee agreed to implement the three programme from the year 201718. First, with "tenants over crowding relief plan" and "improve the living space for the transfer plan, and the number of reserved flats from the current year about 2000 down to about 1000. In the merger of the two transfer scheme, less than 5.5 square meters per capita indoor floor area of crowded households still will be given priority to take care of. In addition, the transfer plan in the second half of the year, in order to speed up the allocation of units to waiting list applicants. Secondly, the EFAs reduced to a year by two rounds of optional unit program at a faster release of the relevant units for the housing department according to the general procedure of allocation; finally intensify the fight.相关的主题文章: