High innovation! During the national day, there are 150 thousand tourists to Haining here in October 7th is the last day of the National Day holiday, the whole holiday, Jiaxing, Haining, the official tourist resort area of a total of 150 thousand visitors, a record high. The temperature dropped, the sky began to drizzle, the morning of October 7th compared with the street a few days ago seemed a bit deserted. National Day holiday, 2 to No. is the most exciting time here, an average of about thirty thousand visitors a day. The chief officer of salt Tourism Resort Tourism Service Department Zhu Jiangfeng said: "our whole during the National Day this year, visit the scenic area is about 150 thousand tourists, 150 thousand, the highest peak during the National Day is also a relatively recent years, also set a new high." At the same time, during the national day, scenic optimization of various services, did not receive complaints from tourists. Compared with the National Day in previous years, this year there are still a lot of different. Zhu Jiangfeng said: "a difference this year is relatively large compared with previous years, this year we are driving, especially the individual market driving market is relatively outstanding, we accounted for it, according to statistics, the proportion is more than 80%, are driving this form to fit the salt travel." In addition, Kaiyuan, Qianjiang, an increasing number of hotels, two tour started up in hot salt. Zhu Jiangfeng said that during the National Day is hard to find a room in Yanguan, after the entire two tour market extension, tourists stranded in travel time salt than usual are lengthened. The tourists in the salt tide, in addition to tour the city, Barry gallery and sculpture park open, but also adds a lively to Yanguan leisure quiet. Zhu Jiangfeng said: "you say, want to see the noisy scene, in the ancient city of tide, the tourists will block relatively a bit bigger, it reflects a kind of atmosphere, the National Day holiday at the same time, slightly to form the form of leisure, it can in our Barry Qian Tang ecological greenbelt well, our sculpture garden here, relatively speaking, can enjoy a holiday feeling, relatively speaking, can be suitable for different tourists."相关的主题文章: