Hengda in the championship hot Ding Junhui: help snooker further development, Hengda 2016 World Snooker China championship is currently in full swing in Guangzhou, Beijing time on November 3rd afternoon, has been out of Ding Junhui again in the news media center. Compared with the previous day, has come out from defeat in Ding Junhui seems relaxed, facing a room full of reporters before he answers freely, not like the "limited", showing the mature side. "Thanks to Hengda for sponsoring this event, hosting this competition.". Hengda 500 strong companies to join in, so that events can be improved, Ding Junhui said. Ding Junhui is the image ambassador of Evergrande 2016 World Snooker Championship in china. In his youth, Ding Junhui had been practicing and living in Guangzhou and surrounding counties for a long time. This is his second hometown". Back here again, Ding Junhui seems very indifferent. "For the first time in Guangzhou to participate in such a large event, in addition to 2011 and a Trump challenge, such a large scale event, it is very fresh. The first time with Guangdong fans to show their skills on the stage, although this year is not very good, but hope to do better in the next year." Although more and more professional snooker events have been held in China, few of them are actually undertaken by the enterprises themselves. As the world’s top 500 Evergrande group, the exclusive hosting of the world snooker China championship has become a major event in China and even in the world. Snooker events thus enter the mainstream brand event platform. Ding Junhui believes that the sponsorship of famous enterprises will effectively promote the further development of snooker, improve the enthusiasm of players. "I hope that more enterprises can participate in the event level must go high, in order to improve the enthusiasm of players. This time, a lot of players want to come too. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough rankings. Event level to a certain height, the enthusiasm of players will be higher, the game will be more exciting." It is reported that the 2016 World Snooker Championship is China Hengda international A-class tournament officially approved by the State Sports General Administration, organized by the World Snooker Association, China billiards association, Hengda Group exclusive occupation hosted the world snooker tournament in November this year, 1- 5 in the Guangzhou sports hall. It has a very high starting point and is only open to the top 16 players in the world. It’s a bit similar to the prestigious masters Invitational tournament. In the bonus, in the championship is higher than the overall level of the masters, to the world. "(except masters outside) has no 16 people participating in competition for many years, this is a special tournament, I hope everyone to enjoy, because this is the highest level of competition, and the general ranking tournament is not the same, is the most direct confrontation," Ding Junhui said. Data show that Hengda has been fully support the development of China’s sports industry. Hengda Group has spent the sponsorship of the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Race, world women’s table tennis, World Table Tennis Championships and other major events. In recent years, Hengda also created Hengda women’s volleyball team, support Lang Ping as Chinese women’s volleyball coach; Hengda Football Super six consecutive three years, won two AFC Champions League, founded the world’s largest Academy; recommended hengda.

恒大中锦赛火爆进行 丁俊晖:有助斯诺克进一步发展   恒大2016世界斯诺克中国锦标赛目前正在广州进行的如火如荼,北京时间11月3日下午,已经出局的丁俊晖再次出现在新闻媒体中心。相比前一天,已经从失利中走出来的丁俊晖显得轻松愉悦,面对满屋的记者他应答自如,再也不像之前那样“惜字如金”,展示出成熟稳重的一面。“感谢恒大赞助这个赛事,举办这个比赛。恒大这样的500强企业加入进来,能让赛事得到提升”丁俊晖表示道。   丁俊晖是恒大2016世界斯诺克中国锦标赛的形象推广大使。   青少年时期,丁俊晖曾长期在广州及周边市县练球和生活,这里是他的“第二故乡”。再次回到这里,丁俊晖显得很淡然。“第一次在广州参加这么大型的赛事,除了2011年打了一场和特鲁姆普的挑战赛,类似这样大型级别赛事,感觉很新鲜。第一次和广东球迷一起在台上展现自己的球技,虽然今年打得不是很好,但希望来年做得更好一些。”   虽然在中国举办的职业斯诺克赛事越来越多,不过真正由企业自主承办的却很少。作为世界500强的恒大集团独家承办世界斯诺克中国锦标赛,成为中国乃至世界台坛的一件大事。斯诺克赛事由此进入主流品牌赛事平台。丁俊晖认为,名企的赞助将有力促进斯诺克的进一步发展,提高球员的积极性。“我希望更多企业能够参与进来,赛事级别一定往高的走,才能提高球员的积极性。这一次很多球员也希望过来,可惜他们的排名不够。赛事级别到一定高度,球员积极性会更高,比赛也会更精彩。”   据悉,恒大2016世界斯诺克中国锦标赛是国家体育总局正式批准的国际A级赛事,是世界斯诺克协会、中国台球协会主办,恒大集团独家承办的世界职业斯诺克赛事,于今年11月1- 5日在广州体育馆进行。该赛事起点极高,只面向现世界上最强的16名球员开放,与久负盛名的大师赛邀请赛有点类似。而在奖金方面,中锦赛高于大师赛,整体级别直逼世锦赛。“(除大师赛以外)已经很多年没有16个人参赛的比赛了,这是一项特别的赛事,希望大家去享受,因为这是最高水平的比赛,和普通排名赛事不一样的,是直接进行最强的对决,”丁俊晖说。   资料显示,恒大一直全力支持中国体育事业发展。恒大集团先后斥资赞助过广州国际龙舟赛、世界女子乒乓球赛、世界乒乓球锦标赛等重大赛事。最近几年,恒大还创建了恒大女排,支援郎平担任中国女排主教练;恒大足球中超六连冠、三年两夺亚冠,创办全球最大规模足校;力荐恒大足球前任主帅、世界冠军级教练里皮担任新一届国足主教练,出钱出力出人,促进了中国足协在国家队管理模式上的重大改革,具有里程碑的意义,从此国家队的水平必将大上台阶。相关的主题文章: