Heilongjiang special action love left-behind children society people.com.cn newspaper Harbin on 21 November,     (a reporter) of Heilongjiang Province on the protection of child care before the convening of the joint meeting of the second plenary meeting and "force monitoring, accompanied by television and telephone conference growth" special action left behind in rural areas, for the coming to work together to care, accompanied by the growth of "as the theme of rural left-behind children care for the protection of special action for deployment. It is reported that Heilongjiang province is a diagnostic investigation of 62310 children left in rural areas, which is composed of (outside) 51022 grandparents care by 1606 people, 3714 people in the care of relatives and friends, no one care, 5968 migrant workers party the other party no monitoring capability. Special operations carried out from November 2016 to the end of 2017, including the main task of the six. First, the implementation of guardianship responsibilities at all levels of public security, civil affairs and other departments and grassroots organizations to urge the parents of children left behind to perform guardianship duties. Second, the implementation of the mandatory reporting responsibilities, the Township People’s government at any time to report to the public security organs in the custody of the plight of unattended children in rural areas. Third, the implementation of temporary guardianship responsibility, the public security organs of state no monitoring capability is unsupervised, and temporarily can not contact the parents of migrant workers of rural left-behind children, sent to the nearest other close relatives, welfare institutions for temporary custody. Fourth, the implementation of security responsibility kongchuo. Fifth, the implementation of the household registration responsibility. Sixth, according to the law to combat abandonment. "People’s Daily" (November 22, 2016 16 Edition) (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo)相关的主题文章: