Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City in the second quarter of the flowers bloom, want to see friends after the summit, a beautiful city in the Qianjiang Century City has become the hearts of tourists "net red", just the past two weekends, every day there are thirty or forty buses carrying tourists from all over the city. Huahai person in charge Zhao Bo said, now is the season of blooming most exuberant, lovers especially like here, girls in the flowers in all kinds of pose, boys keep pressing the shutter, casually pat is beautiful photos. In March of this year, here as an area of 1350 acres of flowers plots, planted flowers in the first quarter, the main varieties of poppy, calliopsis, chrysanthemum flowers. At the beginning of June, the first quarter of all get rid of perianth, sow seeds under season two, a variety of Zinnia elegans. Zhao Bo said: "now the flowers are sown in the second quarter, calliopsis Zinnia and peacock grass, supplemented by flowers, there are 7 kinds of colors, colorful, good to hear or see. Cosmos, Zinnia is very resistant to growth, to overcome the bad conditions of strong typhoon, recently they are not much affected. During the summit because the weather is hot, the flowers need more manpower to maintenance, maintenance work are watering and weeding, the recent cool weather, frequent rainfall, does not need too many people to take care of." According to the introduction, this season flowers can be opened around November, and then will adopt a new optimization scheme, no longer all flowers, but also in a variety of seasons grass, in order to reduce costs. Therefore, this piece of land has not seen the Qianjiang century city friends to seize the time, now in full bloom, hastened to see an invigorating autumn climate. This piece of land was some social engineering sheds, desolate and a small part of the farmland, a big change is the place after the flowers. From the subway line 2 Ying Feng Road, Qianjiang Century City station to get off, go to the Olympic sports center direction, you can see. In addition, there is a beautiful scenery in the distance of five hundred or six hundred meters away from the sea. The landscape park along the river of Qianjiang century city is in the end stage. However, the running track along the river has been opened, 4 kilometers long and 6.15 meters wide, paved by colored asphalt. When dusk falls, a colorful lights along with light up, dreamy.

杭州钱江世纪城第二季花海盛放 想看的朋友赶紧峰会过后,钱江世纪城内的一片绝美花海成了游客心中的“网红”,刚刚过去的两个周末,每天都有三四十辆大巴车载着各地游客前来。花海负责人赵波说,现在正是这一季的花开得最旺盛的时候,情侣特别喜欢这里,女生在花海中摆各种pose,男生不停地按快门,随便拍拍都是美照。今年3月份的时候,这里作为一个占地1350亩的花海试验田,种下了第一季的花,品种主要有虞美人、波斯菊、硫华菊。6月初,第一季花被全部除掉,播撒下第二季花籽,品种多了一个百日草。赵波说:“现在盛开的鲜花都是第二季播种下去的,以百日草和波斯菊为主,孔雀草等为辅花,共有7种颜色,色彩缤纷,赏心悦目。百日草、波斯菊非常耐生长,克服不良条件能力强,最近的台风天它们都没受太大影响。峰会期间由于天气较热,花海需要加派人手养护,养护工作主要有浇水和除草,最近天气凉爽、降雨频繁,不需要太多人打理。”据介绍,这季的花能开到11月份左右,之后将采用新的优化方案,不再全部种花了,还会在一些季节种种草,以此降低成本。因此,还没去看过钱江世纪城的这片花海的朋友要抓紧时间了,趁着现在盛开期,秋高气爽,赶紧去瞅瞅。这片花海以前是些社会工程的工棚、荒废的地以及小部分农田,变成花海后整个地方可谓大变样。从地铁2号线盈丰路、钱江世纪城站下车,往奥体中心方向走,就能看到。此外,在距离花海五六百米的地方还有一处美景——钱江世纪城沿江景观公园,目前处于收尾阶段。不过,沿江跑步道已经开放了,长4公里、宽6.15米,由彩色沥青铺成。当暮色降临,一条色彩斑斓的沿江灯带亮起来,如梦似幻。相关的主题文章: