Han Zheng Junying sex scandal Korean media said: a misunderstanding – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, according to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reports, South Korean singer Zheng Junying, before becoming involved in sex scandal, 25, held an emergency press conference, but only read to clarify matters quickly end. This incident is said to have ended, everything is misunderstanding. Singer Zheng Junying 23 Korean media broke the alleged rape of miss A, is under investigation. Reported that miss A told the police after the report has been handed over to prosecutors investigation. Zheng Junying’s company C9 entertainment said in a statement reported in the wee hours of the morning, said Zheng Junying and outsiders miss A just a little misunderstanding, miss A told Sue also immediately revoked, the investigating authorities understand the situation after the event to just closed. But 24 PM and media reports, miss A is actually the former girlfriend of Zheng Junying, and the relationship between the two people in the Zheng Junying when the phone candid, so only last month, the defendant on the 6 day. Although it was later revoked, but the police are still in touch with Zheng Junying sexual crimes related to the special regulations on the grounds of his prosecution, the prosecution investigation. Once again, the report sparked discussion. C9 entertainment 25 PM 5 held an emergency press conference, Zheng Junying said, 2 people at the beginning of this year when dealing, shot the film in an agreement, but the 2 was due to his busy schedule alienated Zheng Junying, the film has become a woman to sue. And that woman told the revocation is also clarified that he was not forced to shoot the film, thought the event ended, but did not expect the final sensation. South Korean media OSEN reported that 26, 2009, the media content of the petition filed by the public miss A, said prosecutors hope that as soon as possible the verdict Zheng Junying no criminal suspects. The article also mentioned that due to exaggerated false reports, their own and their families have been greatly hurt, I hope the media will not be available to the public about their private life, the wrong reports.相关的主题文章: