Guterres was appointed Secretary General of the United Nations General Assembly next year’s successor Ban Ki-moon – Sohu news Antonio Guterres and Ban Ki-moon?. The United Nations and the humble figure Guterres 67 years old this year, before the United Nations Security Council nomination in 6, he was a former UN official in a few years the UNHCR considered a "mature politician", wise and farsighted, managers can understand multiculturalism. After receiving the nomination of the Secretary General of the United Nations, Guterres has issued a statement in Lisbon, he promised, he took office as Secretary General of the United Nations, will help the world’s vulnerable groups. This commitment, consistent with his personal experience and political philosophy. 1995, Guterres led the socialist party won the election to become prime minister of portugal. During his tenure, Portugal’s national economy has been growing rapidly. April 2002 outgoing prime minister, because I hope to join the humanitarian cause from the global level, in 2005 began a ten year work of the unhcr. Dealing with the world’s most serious refugee crisis in Syria, Afghanistan and iraq. During the charge of UNHCR, his great achievement is the internal reform of institutions, UNHCR was reduced by 20% in the Geneva headquarters staff, the human was sent to refugee line of work office, to improve the efficiency of UNHCR and emergency response capabilities, the move of popular parties praise. It is worth mentioning that Guterres’s language ability is very good. He has a good command of English, French, Spanish and six working languages of the United nations. In April this year, the Secretary General of the United Nations, "open interview", he used fluent English to make a statement, answer the questions according to the country’s language, seamless switch to French or Spanish mode. The United Nations Security Council since July this year, held an informal secret ballot for the selection of the next Secretary General candidates to reach a consensus. Members of the United Nations are in favor of (encourage), (no) (discourage) and no opinion (no opinion) voting options. Guterres won a majority in all the votes, and 5 votes in favor of the vote in favor of the 13, the results of the 2 votes.相关的主题文章: