Guangzhou 21 year old boy drowned swimming two companion was sentenced to compensate 70 thousand yuan for a trial that the companion without liability adjudged to bear responsibility for 10% more than 7 yuan compensation for the Guangzhou daily news (reporter articles) 21 year old man from Guangzhou houmou intolerable heat to go swimming, students and friends of the high of a proposal to the reservoir, therefore a high specially for father to take care of their swimming. Unexpectedly, houmou unfortunately drowned. Later, Hou parents sued a high and his father and claims more than 39 yuan. The reporter learned yesterday, Huadu District Court held that the member should bear full responsibility for their own behavior, therefore a high judgment and his father without having to bear responsibility. Hou parents refused to accept the appeal, the Guangzhou intermediate people’s Court of second instance commuted to a high and his father to houmou drowning accountability 10%, and 10 thousand yuan compensation for mental solatium, the total compensation for 70 thousand yuan. Take the reservoir to swim swim ring drowned after June 8, 2015 14 am, 21 year old houmou students and friends of the high play at home, because of the hot weather, Hou wanted to go swimming, the high of a proposal "is a reservoir near, but dangerous", after a high request to the reservoir to find the father to look after them swimming, also help themselves and houmou with two swimming ring. 16 pm the same day, the high of a father and son houmou drove into the reservoir. Later, Hou, a high took swimming laps swim, a high father on the shore to look after. Swim for a while, a high, houmou has taken swimming ring to swim. Unexpectedly, soon took swimming laps, houmou occurred drowning, a high and not to rescue father, others shouted for help, and ask for help, call 120 110. Soon after, ambulances and police arrived at the scene to organize rescue. Unfortunately, houmou salvaged already drowned. After the incident, Hou parents sad, they think, Gao and his father did not try to care and mutual obligation and responsibility, the court demanded 39 yuan compensation. The first instance: should bear full responsibility for Huadu court held that, at the time of the accident houmou has over 21 years of age, physical and mental healthy, which means he has the ability to identify and judge independence in law, the consequences have the ability to foresee, should bear the consequences of behavior. However, houmou friend of high indicates a dangerous situation, still choose to go to the reservoir. After reaching the reservoir to the reservoir side erected warning signs turn a blind eye. In a father and son for swimming ring to protect the personal safety of his case, he chose to take off the swimming circle, take a dangerous way to swim in unfamiliar waters, this is the result of all the causes of drowning. "The law can not be difficult, although parents always blame Hou Gao and his father did not save water, but the court found that risked their lives to save people is heroic, but not legal obligations. To this end, a high and the father should not because there is no liability and risked his life to save. After the verdicts, Hou parents refused to accept the appeal. They think, Hou is not familiar with the water, so it should be a high and the father to take care of him, to keep him safe. The second instance commuted two companions: accountability 10% Guangzhou intermediate people’s court held that a high Hou, and his father as adults, with 10000相关的主题文章: