Guangxi bus rollover accident continued: the vehicle not overloading the driver suspected of sudden illness original title: Guangxi bus rollover accident continued: the vehicle not overloading the driver suspected of sudden illness in Nanning on 28 August, (Huang Yanmei Wang Min) 28, 10 pm, Nanning wide Kunming high-speed bus rollover occurred in the territory lost control of traffic accident, has caused 10 dead 32 injured. Washington reporter learned from parties concerned, no accident vehicle overloading, the bus driver is suspected of sudden illness can not lead to losing control of the vehicle rollover on the brakes. The location of the accident in August 28th 10 pm, a grade of A93638 in Guangxi bus Guangkun Tanluo Expressway to the direction of G80K590 + 200 Shibu rollover accident occurred, the accident caused by the bus driver, 10 people were killed and 5 people injured, 27 people suffered minor injuries. At 15:30 in the afternoon, Huang Shiyong, vice chairman of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region chaired the 8.28 major traffic accident treatment coordination meeting, listen to the report of the accident situation, the deployment of the next step to dispose of the accident. Nanning city administration, public security, transportation, health and other departments as well as the vehicle accident unit Guangxi large transport Refco Group Ltd responsible person in the coordination field. Reporters learned that the accident vehicle in the morning from Guangxi to Nanning direction of driving. Accident vehicle nuclear load 47 people, the actual load of 42 people, there is no overload. Guangxi Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps captain Huang Jixian introduced at the meeting, according to preliminary understanding, another cause of the accident caused heavy casualties or not related to the safety of the passengers. The day after the accident, Nanning immediately launched the emergency plan, deploy the relevant departments rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. Currently, the injured have been taken to hospital for treatment. Nanning has set up an accident investigation team and emergency response team, the wounded and other work in an orderly manner. The reporter learned that, at present, the 17 injured being treated in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, and 15 other minor skin workers receive treatment in Nanning eighth hospital. Huang Shiyong in the afternoon to visit the injured in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University. The injured Mr. Liang in Guangxi to accept a media interview that he was sitting in the car in the middle position, before the accident, he was feeling the bus and high-speed roadside guardrail collision, someone was shouting that driver like a coma on the car, so do not wake up. Then the passengers came to the driving position, the driver pulled open, and tried to adjust the steering wheel, the brake pedal, so that the speed down. But it was too late, the vehicle collided with the guardrail and then rolled down. (end) previously reported: Nanning province wide Kunming high-speed road outside a bus pulls out of control has caused 10 people dead and 32 injured site map Beijing August 28 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Wang Gang) this morning at about 11, Queensland wide high-speed Nanning Tanluo section of a bus pulls out of control outside the road slope. Nanning relevant departments to disclose this afternoon, the accident has caused 10 deaths, 32 people were injured, many of them seriously injured. According to reports, the incident is located near the Nanning high-speed road namo bridge, after the incident, this car license Nanning bus has dug out the road outside several meters slope, there are many people were trapped. Relevant departments rushed to the rescue, police traffic control, and guide the passing car.相关的主题文章: