"Gold investors: the era of capital wealth" wedge: wealth no myth "gold investors: This paper from the era of capital wealth" Author: Dragon Zaiyu press: Hunan Art Publishing House Price: 39.80 yuan wealth wedge: no myth spring Shanghai, shrouded in a haze. The world was grey and the world have infiltrated inside. Haze is like a wall, each person and the distance from the world, so you do not know what happened on the other side. They feel like knocked over a bottle of ink, the ink spilled in the human body, so that the bare skin has a sticky feeling, the lungs filled with what to think, but not going out, whole body deeply uncomfortable. Next to a hotel in the Bund, a new book conference will be held. High power air conditioning of the hotel, let indoor warmth deep. Closed environment, isolated from the invasion of haze. The participants together face one direction while sitting there, a chair, a small round table, the table was added to the media logo affixed with a microphone. The protagonist finally seated. A custom Yuntie black suit and no tie, a grey shirt button top not freely open neckline, slightly — he is the capital of Shanghai Rongding company investment deputy director Fang Yubin, the new book "wealth myth" no author. Fang Yubin about 75 meters tall, face a particularly striking eyebrows. Under the eyebrows, flashing a pair of bright eyes, aquiline nose, lips slightly thick. Perhaps the first time in the face of so many listeners and reporters, he seemed a little nervous, two hands kept rubbing. The host said: "Mr. Fang Yubin is a veteran of the investment community, he is working in the capital is one of the most prestigious investment company. Mr. Fang, the use of spare time, wrote this "no wealth myth". In the era of all kinds of wealth myth, Mr. Fang’s book is trying to tell the reader, wealth is obtained by wisdom and effort, and even have a law to follow. With talent and sweat wealth written stories as the myth of a powerful and unconstrained style to read, but is a misunderstanding." The host went on to say: "although this book is Mr. Fang’s debut, but many experts have evaluated, the book is rigorous, confirmation is solid, is a rare masterpiece. The general reader also believes that this is a simple work, unlike economics works, will give people the impression of arcane." Moderator voice just fell, there are listeners raised their hands to ask questions. Took the microphone, a woman said, "Mr. Fang, your new book has a chapter called investment heroes, an inventory of the many investment community influential man. Of all the people, who impressed you the most?" "Soros." Fang Yubin answered without thinking. "Why?" Ask the questioner. Talking about familiar topics, to ease the tension side Yubin many, he said: "neither too fast nor too slow for Soros’s acting style, outside mixed. But there is one point, I think no one will deny, with their own practice of Soros, western economics has more than and 200 years to subvert the traditional and popular around the world." Fang Yubin spoke: "in eighteenth Century, the British economist Adam Smith wrote a genius?"相关的主题文章: