Food-and-Drink The fact is, these days, most bread machines can make gluten free bread, but do they all do it very well? The answer is no. There are only certain kinds of bread machinesthat do a fantastic job at baking delicious homemade gluten free bread. But what makes the difference? How do we know what will work best for us? Let me show you….. Does it have a gluten-free setting? This is a no-brainer, but it’s important. This setting can adjust how long it mixes the dough (to prevent air from fizzling out) to how many rising cycles we need. And if the bread machine lacks the ability to program it, this is absolutely necessary. The machine has to mix well. The paddles have to be sturdy enough and the motor has to be strong enough to mix our heavier dough. And it has to be durable. Speaking of paddles, we want double paddles. Double paddles just mix better. Period. Because our dough tends to be harder to mix it just makes sense to use a bread machine that can mix it better to prevent any clusters or un-mixed clumps of ingredients from forming when rising. Although having double paddles may not prevent you from having to scrape the sides of the pan, it’s still near the top of this list for a good reason. Is it programmable? This is extremely vital to any experienced baker. Because our bread requires less kneeding and less rising cycles, this allows us to bake the perfect gluten-free bread, regardless of a gluten-free setting on the machine. Because even if it does have a gluten-free setting, it may not give your favorite recipe the desired out.e. With programmable settings, you can really fine tune the entire process and always .e out on top with that perfect bread. Is there a pause function? Not as important as being programmable, but it’s still very nice to have. The ability to stop the process anywhere in the cylce is mega important for adding certain ingredients at critical points or even tweaking entire baking cycles to your liking (for when you are trying to perfect that ‘secret’ recipe). Does it have a "cooldown" cycle. Because bread can get soggy when left sitting there it must have some sort of cooldown cycle to preserve the finished bread. This will avoid you having to babysit the bread machine, because what is the point of having a bread machine if you can’t adopt a ‘set and forget it’ method of using it? It’s nice to be able to start a cycle right before bread and then waking up to the fresh smell of bread in the morning. With some sort of fan assisted cooldown function, this is possible. Does it make other things beside dough? Why not have this feature? This is more and more standard these days and it’s nice to have the pre-programmable settings to make other foods like jam and pizza dough (gluten free, of course). So there you have it, consider this list the next time you are out purchasing your next gluten free bread machine. These are my 7 essential items to look for when purchasing any model of bread maker. Find more information about gluten free living. Want to know more about finding the perfect gluten free bread machine? Make your own bread at home with a gluten free bread machine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: