The German adhesive materials industry: 2016 turnover growth – International – November 28 Berlin Xinhua (reporter Feng Xuejun) according to the German adhesive material industry association predicted that in 2016 the turnover growth of 1.2%, the development of an important driving force to maintain growth in the building industry. German adhesive materials accounted for 19% of global market share, the world’s leading position. In 2015, Germany’s turnover in the area grew by 2.2% to $3 billion 710 million. Exports grew by 3% to EUR 1 billion 600 million. Growth in exports shows the need for "made in Germany" worldwide. "Paint, paint and adhesives have undergone tremendous changes in Germany in recent decades. The strengthening of global standards for environmental protection has enabled German companies to regain their edge in this area, because their innovative capabilities can bring new, future oriented products to the market." The Federal Department of foreign trade and investment expert Troels Teng · Booker said, "Europe stable market and local factors based on customer is willing to pay a reasonable price for high quality products, the European market, especially one of the biggest German market, will become the international paint and adhesive materials enterprises have a place to live in attractive." (Yan Meng, Bai Yu: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: