The next big difference from the recent dynamic game to see Mobile Games direction this year, "don’t play mobile phone games, is not a good driver; or to say," Dad can not play the game, not a good singer!" In the network these sounds a joke, it really reflects a reality, that is: with the popularity of mobile phone games have a variety of intelligent terminals began to be popular. Especially many new games to VR as the representative of the virtual reality game, let the game fans play out. As for more than a month before the game "Poké mon Go"; in the global hot, equipped with a VR virtual reality or augmented reality technology AR game, the game will be expanded into a new realm and not long ago; "World of Warcraft" from the game screen, the game remind people feelings at the same time, also means games and entertainment more closely linked; when these new generation of games a talent shows itself, people can not help feeling: the classic still exist? – as long as the recent experience of a variety of new games, it is not difficult to find that the future of the mobile gaming world, in fact, can be a big difference". Tech: VR is here – can AR be far behind? The most typical event in the game world, to a few days ago in Shanghai, the end of the fourteenth China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (China Joy, referred to as CJ). And the most popular, is the virtual reality VR games – in fact, now every major exhibition, VR is the focus. Game player have such as visiting World Expo, wait in long lines to experience various types of VR games. HTC Vive, SONY Play Station VR, storm mirror etc. more than and 10 VR hardware devices have debut. VR game area popularity, significantly better than the traditional hand travel vendors. From a technical trend, VR increased compared with last year, many new features, such as the VR mirror adds gesture recognition function, wear a helmet, manipulated by hand, "Dancing" can achieve a variety of gameplay; while in the optical positioning, ANTVR technology provides the ants as auxiliary front the camera optical positioning technology of VR, that is to say, the more accurate positioning of VR glasses, various scenes are more game player can grasp virtual reality. As for the helmet provided HTC Vive, handle and other accessories, but also to increase the variety of supporting VR play. It can be said that VR after about two years of development, has become liaoyuanzhishi". As the VR brothers augmented reality AR, because the "Pokemon Go" hot and high-profile. But it is disappointing that the concept of AR game is very rare, only "Adorable demon days" (also known as "catch demon") this to catch demon demon bucket as the theme of the China leisure AR Mobile Games wind. From the play, the more or the use of the current popular network as a realistic scene interactive. At present, in the technology, AR technology in the real scene and the combination of virtual games, there are many technical problems need to be resolved, so far from the outbreak of the AR game. Overall, even if it is already one step ahead of VR,.相关的主题文章: