"Fruit ninja movie" has already begun preparations for the adaptation of the game will be based on the "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 23rd (author: Tatiana Siegel) is very popular in the mobile phone and tablet on the App game "fruit ninja" (Fruit Ninja), has been the New Line Cinema movie copyright, which will allow the producer Tripp · Vince have the opportunity to cooperate with new line cinema. Tripp had already told Vincent · New Line Cinema had a long history of cooperation, he served as the "geocentric adventure" (Journey to the Center of the Earth) series of film producer, he recently served as the New Line Cinema "doomsday" (San Andreas) the collapse of the executive producer. Has been involved in the "geocentric adventure" produced by J· P· · Damiani, and Chad Lavin; will act as the "fruit ninja movie" the writer, the movie will be about a team of young combined into fruit ninja story save the world. Tripp · Vincent has combined "fruit ninja game company Halfbrick Studios in the early preparation of the film, it is reported that this reality will be in the family comedy game based on adaptation. At present, "fruit ninja" is also the history of the second best-selling iOS game, the game has been downloaded more than 1 billion times. (Translation: Dudu) Tencent news client mobile phone new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: