Foreign media: the report shows that 6 Chinese female headed household finances – Sohu news media said, intelligent wealth management platform, Ali and copper Street Joint Research Institute jointly issued the "2016 days before the women’s wealth management report". The report shows that about 60% of the Chinese women in a family finances. According to Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" website reported on August 30th, Chinese according to media reports, "2016 women wealth management report" shows that in the overall household consumption expenditure at the same time, many women have begun to focus on family financial asset allocation, the increasing demand for wealth management. The report shows that 59.5% of women choose to force financial to control their desire to buy, in 25 to 45 years of age the age of leading consumption, the proportion is as high as 60%, while 52% of the elite women that will be an annual income of 30% to more than 50% for investment activities. The report shows that women’s investment and financing behavior is more conservative than men, the security, profitability and liquidity as an important three considerations. In the specific choice of financial channels, the proportion of women in the stock market, real estate and other assets is lower than men, but the proportion of bank deposits is higher than 5%. The degree of concern for Internet Banking for men and women is not a huge bias, both of the Internet banking as an important financial channel.相关的主题文章: