Foreign media: the United States song inciting robbery Chinese petition to ban the White House tens of thousands of pictures of the White House: Xinhua News Agency reporter Yin Bo photo original title: foreign media: the United States to "rob the Chinese song" the White House petition for tens of thousands of people banned foreign media said that more than 30 thousand Chinese Americans have signed a petition in a letter to the White House on request the White House banned a rap song. Chinese media have described the song as "inciting Chinese robbery". According to the BBC Chinese network reported on September 28th, the song called "Robbers" met song by American hip-hop singer YG creation, starting in 2014. But after the White House petition was signed and signed by the Chinese in September 21st, it received widespread attention. Currently, about 38 thousand people have signed. If a petition is signed by 100 thousand people, the government must give an official reply. The petition is due on October 21st. The song contains the following lyrics: "first, you find a Chinese community house, because they do not believe the bank." Video platform YouTube the song MV display, with two heads wearing masks with guns who enter a Chinese family residence, "rob" money in cash and jewelry, clothing and footwear. Chinese media are also concerned about the news of the petition, and triggered a wave of 3 million 800 thousand Chinese Americans discriminated against anger and concern. Reported that the petition called on all "public media" banned "Songs" and urged Washington to meet the robbers, "songs of the legal liability investigation." Chinese media have reported on the matter. The financial network with the headline: "American singer songwriter" inciting robbery "Chinese: FBI investigation." The report added: "video has not been removed from platforms like YouTube." Sina entertainment to share in its lyrics on micro-blog, and said "the Chinese," furious "FBI said the song not only vulgar is also worrying". China the official version of the "people’s Daily" English said: "it is encouraging to Chinese violence and crime." And on the social platform WeChat called for action in the United States and the Chinese community, and signed a petition." Chinese social media micro-blog, most readers read the relevant news and reports, feel discriminated and expressed anger. Friends said, in the United States or overseas Chinese people face the problem of low status. Source: Reference News Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: