Follow the online games a unique weapon two small homemade slingshot smashing windows theft – Sohu news to identify the scene. Photo by reporter Gan Xiayi Ho and Xiao Pu two young people, are only more than and 20 years old, are addicted to online games "hero alliance", but they do not have the economic source. Think of the game every hero has their own weapons, so the two young people to create their own "unique weapon" — a slingshot. In order to find the game money, two people a week hit the car 14…… Currently, two people were arrested on suspicion of theft Shapingba district police criminal detention. Internet cafes caught smashed cars theft suspects this month 24 days and 25 days, Chenjiaqiao Shapingba district police station received alarm, the victim said their vehicles parked on the roadside car windows smashed, the property was stolen. Police retrieved the site perimeter surveillance view, finally found two young men in a video at 2 a.m. on 24 minutes, from time to time they shine a flashlight on the windows of the vehicle parked in the street, and in the car around. Two men’s suspicious behavior caused the attention of the police, they also appear to coincide with the time of the incident, there is a major suspect. The police confirmed that the two men are looking after in the surrounding investigation launched. Soon, an Internet cafe staff told police that he had seen these two people, because they often in the Internet cafes overnight Internet access. Through this clue, police retrieved the Internet surveillance video, found two men came in after the incident to the cafe to the Internet, and soon confirmed the identity of the two suspects. Small and small suspects who are only more than and 20 years old, respectively, Wuxi and Sichuan, the people of the city of Nanchong. The day before yesterday at 7 in the morning, the suspect little alone to the Internet cafe to the Internet, was waiting for the police arrested on the spot, and then the police quickly went to the temporary residence of the other suspects will be arrested in the village of two. Two people addicted to online games to give up working and police from two rental room was found in the 3 block, the apple brand watches OPPO HUAWEI intelligent mobile phone more than 10, and found a slingshot. After the trial, the two men are all above items after they shoot the ball shattered window glass in the District of Shapingba University City, the west wing, Chen Jiaqiao and other places from theft. Small and small Pu two people had worked in the factory, they have a common hobby, is to play the "Heroes League" game, and therefore became a good friend. Two people are addicted to the game, often in Internet cafes playing games all night, even give up work, but if things go on like this, source of income is a problem. Once, two people play games out from the cafe, it was very late, no one on the road, he saw a lot of cars parked roadside, the car from time to time to see some mobile phone bags and other items, suddenly thought of the two of them can hit car theft. Many experiments to create a unique weapon "where small and small Po two reminiscent of the game" Heroes union "in the hero has its own unique weapons, they should also make a good use of props to start. Two people do a slingshot in the online tutorial, and bought with the ball when the marbles, two people do a number of tests, found.相关的主题文章: