Focusing on the film industry to promote the draft law against   virtual concealed punctured foam box office – the media – original title: the fight against false concealed burst bubble box office facing the rapid development trend of China’s film industry, some problems also warns us. August 29th, the film industry to promote the draft law submitted to the NPC Standing Committee, the second draft of the focus of reform in the face of these difficulties and challenges. Chaos in the industry? Increase penalties involving pornography showbiz blacklist updates, lead to the creation of film and television into the price paid money eye blame…… According to the chaos in the industry, the second draft stipulates: increase the actor and director of film practitioners should be in accordance with the requirements of DeYiShuangXin, comply with laws and regulations, respect social ethics, abide by the occupation morality, strengthen self-discipline, establish a good social image. "The artist self up to the legal level, all the actors of film actor troupe is a spur." The film actor troupe, in the "Zunyi conference" in the film star Mao Zedong and actor Tong Ruixin said, "the film actor Troupe will further strengthen the occupation moral education, guide the actors to create more rich positive energy screen, screen image, literary creation peak climbing." At the beginning of the March 2016 release of the film "IP MAN 3", only a few days on suspicion of fraud by the investigation office. This incident opened a corner Chinese movie market chaos iceberg. It is estimated that in the past few years, at least 10% of the national film box office has been stolen". To strengthen supervision, earning increase penalties for false concealed box office revenue behavior, the second draft clear: film distribution companies, cinema statistics, sales revenue should provide the film accurately, making a false transaction means, shall not take false concealed sales income and unfair, deceptive, misleading the audience, disturb the market order and the movie. The provisions of the relevant administrative penalty. Communication University of China Faculty of science, Minister of culture Fan Zhou Development Research Institute president said, hiding behind the Chinese film box office these "bubble" behavior, not only will mislead consumers, will make people of all kinds of data lose the cultural development of our country’s responsibility, it will become a development of the film industry in reality "". Poke the data fraud bubble, the development of the film industry to be more healthy, the film industry will be more perfect evaluation." Fan Zhou said. Industry threshold? Cancel the production qualification provisions of the Shanghai municipal Party committee propaganda department vice minister, director of the Municipal Bureau of SMG Hu Jinjun said, decentralization to promote prosperity and development of government departments more standardized and efficient service to the film industry, stimulate the vitality of market players, the release of kinetic energy industry potential, to contribute to the formation of a strong momentum of development of film industry, more fierce. With the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, the current film licensing has been implemented zero threshold, as long as it is registered by the industrial and commercial sectors of the film and television culture enterprises can apply for film. In this regard, the second draft of the abolition of the provisions of the film production license qualification, strengthen the film phase of the project review, increase by the competent authorities in charge of the film issued a record or approval documents. "Decentralization is to free enterprise).相关的主题文章: