Five major initiatives to make driving more convenient (rule of Law — headlines) – in recent years, the national motor vehicle driver of 285 million vehicles, 342 million people, the annual new brand of about 20000000 cars, the new licensing drivers over 30 million people. On the other hand, traffic management and service not only because of the new situation and development of road traffic is relatively backward, but has always been closely combined with the actual, active innovation, launched a series of new initiatives, such as the new policy driving test inspection, to enhance their sense of safety and satisfaction. The day before, the reporter made a special interview on the latest progress of reform. Driving test reform 16 city pilot self-study test "self-study exam straight straight is really good, so we can arrange free time Lianju two months I got a driver’s license." Not long ago, Lv Mingliang said excitedly. He also became the first person in Inner Mongolia City, Baotou, to get a driver’s license by self-study. November 2015, the general office of the State Council forwarded the Ministry of public security, Ministry of transport on the promotion of motor vehicle driver training examination system reform opinions, carefully organized around the country, and promote reform. Among them, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Wuhan and other 16 pilot cities since April 1st since the opening of the self-study straight test acceptance business, has accepted the application for the registration of the 3604, of which 391 have been given a driver’s license test. In order to ensure the safe and orderly implementation of self-study straight test, the pilot cities to actively improve management services, adjust business processes, set up training courses to strengthen the examination and supervision. Ministry of public security to strengthen supervision and improve the supporting measures, and strive to ensure that both the convenience of the masses to apply for, on the train, but also to maximize the protection of road traffic safety." Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau responsible person said that the trial self-study is mainly to provide a direct test of self learning driving channel, but due to the driving training professional, related to public safety, is still the main channel of learning driving driving. Self examination is also a major highlight of the reform. According to statistics, 25 provinces in the city of the 257 cities have opened the Internet to apply for an independent examination service, there are about 41 million 865 thousand people online test. By the end of 2016, will be in the country of all vehicle autonomously for online business to promote the examination of county-level decentralization, and further improve the service measures of the masses. Inspection reform from the 591 inspection agencies from Beijing and other 261 City launch inspection service appointment, the 306 cities Saturday, Sunday car break, about 70000000 private car owners to enjoy the exemption policy, about 8000000 in the province of off-site vehicle inspection…… This is a group of reporters before the data from the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security to understand, let inspection reform inspection service more convenient and efficient. Only a short while ago, fewer outlets, long queues, complicated procedures, on the "vehicle inspection difficult complaint is not standardized and transparent, can be heard without end; not convenience, the" vehicle chaos "criticism meet the eye everywhere. Now, with the reform of the new vehicle inspection, vehicle inspection agency 1003, detection line 1857, an increase of 30.3%, 32.1%. The increase in the supply of services is not only convenient for the masses, but also to allow illegal intermediaries, illegal fees and other issues significantly reduced. The vehicle inspection deal and a commendable place)相关的主题文章: