The Dangers of Taking Pain Killers

One thing about the painkillers is their high availability in such way that you can take them anytime you need them. You can even carry some with you so that you can easily access them just in case of some pains. Most people never think that these pain killers could be dangerous to their health just as some other hard drugs. They are even referred to as safe medicines. It is important to know that painkillers can harmful to your health under some conditions. If you use the painkillers in such circumstances, you are surely doing harm to your body. The painkillers will be very effective in soothing the aches, pain and discomforts. There are painkillers which are addictive and will cause some more severe side effects. Before you rush to the shop and come with some painkillers, remember these cautions and take the painkillers only when you are convinced that it is the best thing to do.
The nonsteroidals or the NSAIDS are some of the painkiller types. Some of the brands include Motrin, Advil, Celebrex, Voltage and others. Pain , fever and inflammation are some of the conditions in which they are used for. Even though they do such a nice job, they have some problems. It was found that it increase the risk of heart attack by 50%. It was found that diclofenac was the highest of the tested NSAIDS followed by ibuprofen. Most of the time people take the NSAIDS to relieves pain due to sports injuries, arthritis, minor aches and pains. It was observed that taking NSAIDS triggers production of platelets which causes restriction of blood flow in the arteries. When you use these drugs for long times, you can damage the stomach lining or even face gastric inflammation.

The opioid is another category of problematic painkillers. These are strong painkillers which include vicodin, oxycodone, morphine and tramadol. In most cases, they are prescribed for chronic pain conditions and back pain. Depiste their usage, they can pose some risks to your health. One of the dangers of the opioids is addiction. They tend to addict the users and the user will need more of the opioid to relief the pain. In the long term, the patient will not relief the pain even after using the pain killer and the pain can even become worse.

If you are on opioids, you are advised not to take them consecutively for more than a week. Continued use can result in respiratory failure and death. In case you have been taking them for so long , make sure that you seek medical help immediately. In stead, you can take other forms of relief such as stretching exercise and physiotherapy